Flavoured condoms - Are they too chemical?

Flavoured condoms - are they too chemical?

What are flavored condoms made of?

The condom per se is not flavored or made of flavored material. The condom is made the usual way the flavored part comes in much later while lubricating the condom. The lubricant or powder added to the condom is flavored. This makes the condoms flavored. The ingredient used in flavoring the condom is glycerin which gives that sugary or sweet taste along with the taste of that particular flavor. And yes these flavored condoms can be used for oral sex as they taste better when compared to the non flavored one’s which are definitely a put off.  


Is the chemical used in flavored condoms unsuitable for vaginal sex?

The chemical, glycerin, found in most enhanced condoms is in charge of the seasoning or taste. It is a sweet sugar based fixing that doesn't concur merciful with ladies' fragile under parts. Sugar/glycerin can throw off the PH offset of a lady's vagina which radically builds the chance for adding to a yeast disease. Furthermore, we all know what that means...right fellows? In this way, to put it plainly, I would suggest just utilizing these enhanced condoms for oral sex, which as I would see it is all they are better than average for at any rate. The flavors help cover the latex taste and smell that standard condoms ordinarily have. Oral sex without a condom is not an astute thought unless you know your accomplice extremely well. Unprotected oral sex can transmit HIV/AIDS and different STI's.


The final verdict on flavored condoms?

We have not heard that flavored condoms will cause yeast infections or increase your chances of getting an STI. Durex, Moods and other flavored condoms claim that

“Durex flavored condoms are intended primarily for vaginal sex. However, if you choose to use them in oral sex, the lubricant is safe if ingested. We recommend if used in oral sex that a new condom be used for vaginal sex”.

I take from this that their seasoned condoms are vaginal well disposed. They are additionally suggesting that you utilize another condom for vaginal sex. This bodes well as there could be a probability of harm to the condom with oral sex, so best to utilize another one for vaginal sex.


Something else we have seen is that individuals can be touchy to diverse condom materials and greases. With enhanced condoms they are including additional elements for the flavor, so there is a probability for lady to get vaginal bothering in the event that they are touchy to a certain item or the vaginal verdure could be changed, which could expand your possibilities of yeast congesting.


Given this it truly relies on upon the individual lady. Presumably most lady would not have an issue utilizing enhanced condoms for vaginal sex yet in the event that you did notice some symptoms it is great to attempt an alternate condom or lube.


Alternative Solution:

There are different options for enhanced condoms too. You can simply purchase a non-lubricated  condom and include your own particular seasoned oil and Walla you now have your one of a kind "Specially Flavored Condom" and if your oil is ph adjusted and ladies well disposed this condom can go the distance if you catch my drift.



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