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Durex play lubricants

Durex Play Very Cherry Lubrican

Spice up your sex life with this lube for it is smooth and soft on skin and deliciously tasty and fruity.
A water based lubricant hence non sticky and easy to clean off.
Free from sugar and hence enjoy a guilt free sex.
Substitutes the natural moisture and enhances the intimacy between the partners.
Condom friendly and safe to be used with sex toys.


Durex Play - Sweet Strawberry

Fun and fruit teams up in this water based, strawberry flavored lube.
The taste and the aroma is so thrilling and stimulating throughout.
The moisturizing effect is long lasting and need not be reapplied frequently.
Safe and smooth on skin and easy to clean up.
Compatible with durex condoms and suitable to be used with sex toys.

Durex Play Tingle Gel 50 ml-Green Bottle


Very pleasant and appealing,silky smooth on skin.
The ingredients cause a mixed sensation of warm, cool and tingle in your intimate areas throughout.
However sexy you feel,there may not be enough moisture naturally and this lube best substitutes and lasts long.
Water based lubricant and easy to clean off and does not stain.
Fragrance free and a little amount is good for a smoothing effect.
Non-sticky and non-greasy,best to use with durex condoms.

Durex Play Massage - 2 in 1 Stimulating Intimate Lube

Acts both as a massage gel and an intimate lube.
Entire body massage with this gel feels soft and refreshing.
Delicate fragrance and flavour to stimulate the senses.
Guarana, a special herb from amazon is the key ingredient.It emits a pleasant aroma when applied.
Being rich in caffeine, the Guarana triggers the alertness, endures and gets you into mood.
Special massage applicator for a better sensual experience.


Durex Play Massage 2 in 1-Sensual Personal Lubricant

A combination of a massage gel and a personal lubricant.
Contains all special Ylang Ylang grown in rain forests,which stimulates the desire for sex .
Emits a delicate fragrance and soft and smooth on skin.
Get ready for an arousing aromatherapic experience.
Specially designed bottle with unique massage applicator for a perfect massage.
Water based lube hence non-sticky and non-greasy.



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