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Is Preseed safe for sperm?

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Preseed is the best fertility friendly lubricant used by many women while trying to conceive. It is clinically proven to be safe while planning for pregnancy. Preseed lubricant is sperm friendly and is not harmful to sperm. Unlike the other commercial lubes, preseed helps to increase the chances of pregnancy by supporting sperm motility. It creates an optimal environment for the sperm to swim swiftly to reach the egg and fertilize. Preseed is safe for sperm and helps in conception. Use best lube for pregnancy and know more about how fertility friendly lubes can be helpful in conception. 

Many people are worried about “Can Preseed kill sperm?”. Using everyday lubricants, oils and some homemade remedies can kill sperm. They are not sperm friendly and can have adverse effects on sperm. Studies suggest that using oils as lubricants like baby oil and canola oil can damage sperm and does not support sperm motility and survival. For couples trying to conceive, fertility friendly lubricants like preseed can make all the difference. Apply it as per the instructions and experience the natural lubrication feel that is supportive to sperm movement and survival. 

Do doctors recommend pre-seed?

Preseed is an FDA-approved fertility lubricant developed by doctors to be friendly to the sperm journey. Unlike other leading lubes, preseed lubricant does not harm the sperm. It enhances your comfort and creates an optimal environment for sperm to reach the egg and fertilize. Using preseed to conceive is recommended by fertility experts and this product is used in many fertility clinics. Buy preseed fertility lubricant online on shycart and check out preseed customer reviews to know more from customer's experiences.



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Modified on 31 Aug, 2022

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