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Do menstrual cups leak

First and foremost, Best Menstrual cup in India do not leak at all. There are 3 main reasons why menstrual cup leaks.

1. You have not inserted it properly.

95% of the times, #1 reason is the incorrect insertion. You can check how to use menstrual cup and follow the steps to insert them correctly. The first few times will always be a challenge though. But, with practice, it should be pretty much easy. 

2. You have chosen the wrong size.

A possibility is that you had chosen the wrong size. The size variation happens mainly with age and childbirth reasons. Every menstrual cup has its dimensions and the suitable type of women to use it. Check the correct size and choose them wisely.

3. The menstrual cup didn't unfold properly.

Every cup has to be done a c-fold and inserted into the female genital. When the menstruation cup is inserted and if it doesn't unfold properly above the cervix region The cup has to wide open inside the genitalia and sit comfortably below the cervix. When the quality of the cup is poor, it actually doesn't fold/unfold properly.




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Menstrual cup - She cup - Regular - Pre child birth + Up to 30 years -28 ml capacity - Knob type stem

1064 1059

Menstrual cup - shecup double

2118 2080

Rustic Art - Menstrual cup - Large - Post child birth + Over 30 years - Solid tube stem


Rustic Art - Menstrual cup - Small - Pre-child birth + Up to 30 years - Solid tube stem


Stone soup wings - Menstrual cup without stem


Boondh Menstrual cup - Standard Size - 6 colours - Knob type stem


Menstrual cup - She cup - Large - Post child birth + Over 30 years -28 ml capacity - Flat tab Bigger stem


Everteen Menstrual cup - Small - Solid tube stem


Everteen Menstrual cup - Large - Solid tube stem


Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small Size


Icare Reusable Menstrual Cup - Large Size


Intimus Reusable Menstrual Cup - Small Size


Intimus Reusable Menstrual Cup - Large Size


SOCH Reusable Menstrual Cup


Menstrual Cup Cleaning Tumbler


Trucup Menstrual Cup - 3 Colours - 2 Sizes

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