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Comparison between shecup and mooncup

While there are many menstrual cups available in the market, there are quite predominant comparison between shecup and mooncup as to which is the best menstrual cup in India.


Shecup-menstrual cup comes in one size.

Mooncup comes in various sizes. 


Stem / Tail

Shecup doesn’t have a tail.

Mooncup has a tail which makes it pulling out easier.



Shecup comes in one color.

Mooncup comes in various colors.



Shecup’s collection capacity is lesser when compared to Mooncup.



Shecup being smaller in size is comfortable for women who have not delivered a child.

Mooncup fits comfortably for women who have given birth.



Shecup is priced at Rs.1059 when Mooncup is priced at Rs.640

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Modified on 10/01/2019

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