Comparison between preseed and conceive plus

Comparison between preseed and conceive plus

About Pre-seed:

Pre-seed sperm friendly lubricant that helps ladies why should attempting consider to get pregnant. This oil gel is 100% non-spermicidal which is the key variable it is most favored by the vast majority of the couples when they are really taking shape of a child. It is additionally good with polyurethane and latex condoms.

Sperm ought to swim quickly and achieve egg keeping in mind the end goal to imagine an infant. A ladies' probability of considering gets augmented amid their ovulation period. This is made conceivable by the emission of specific liquids. These liquids go about as grease helping sperm to achieve the egg through cervix. Pre seed grease mirrors this liquid is 100% sperm-accommodating and goes about as a supplement to helper the sperm to swim easily and achieve the egg.

It is an extremely safe to use this lubricant. The constituents of the lube are readied to

match the vaginal prolific liquids. It is isotonic and pH adjusted, which is precisely the same

property of vaginal liquids. The pH, particle fixation and consistency everything matches splendidly with vaginal bodily fluid.

Can be utilized everytime you engage in sexual relations to keep away from inconvenience and acquire the regular feeling of grease. Begin with 1 gram and top up the amount according to your needs.

It can be utilized at whatever time amid intercourse. Yet, since the egg will be develop and the likelihood of sperm coming to the egg will be higher,The best time to utilize this is amid the ovulation time of a female.


About Conceive Plus:

Conceive Plus is a richness agreeable individual ointment for utilization by ALL couples why should attempting get pregnant! It is the main richness safe individual lubricant that contains Calcium and Magnesium particles. These particles key for cell feasibility and the procedure of treatment. The individual lubricant that is "alright for couples attempting to conceive"Gynecologist/Doctor Recommended and sold in more than 60 countriesSupports ripeness actually, Contains calcium and magnesium particles vital for the procedure of fertilizationOnly item cleared by FDA as gamete, treatment and developing life compatibleFormulated for positive results - Supporting richness normally!

Conceive Plus was planned by specialists and is intended for utilization by all couples who need to have a child. Logically planned to coordinate ripe cervical fluid and sperm, improve sexual action and improve the probability of origination. It is pH and electrolyte adjusted to emulate the body's own characteristic liquids. Ok for sperm survival, feasibility and motility and safe for incipient organism improvement. A distributed study shows sperm wellbeing.

Clinical Data distributed by the AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR REPRODUCTIVE MEDICINE October 2009. FDA cleared and permitted to claim "Safe for utilization by couples attempting to consider having a baby.


Comparision of Pre Seed fertility friendly lubricant with Conceive Plus is a very difficult comparision to make as both are very similar products and both have an amazingly similar success rate. We will see some key features of both the lubricants

Pre seed is sperm friendly, Conceive plus is also sperm friendly.


Pre seed mimics the fertile fluids, Conceive plus also mimics the fertile fluids.


Both create optimum ph environment for sperm to survive.


Both have ingredients which are sperm friendly.


Both are highly recommended by gynaecologist.


Success rates are higher with both the lubricants.


The chemicals used in both the lubricants do not hinder or damage the sperm.


We saw a few keys points on a comparision basis but we couldn’t tell which one is better as both are equally good and it is a personal preference or choice as to which lubricant to use.

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