Best cheap electric breast pump

Best cheap electric breast pump - medela mini electric breast pump

The Medela Mini Electrical Breast Pump is the cheapest and smallest electric breast milk pump available in the market offered by Medela which gives optimal comfort for breast milk expression at home or on the go which is ideal for occasional and short term use. It is the basic variant in the electric breast pump category which medela offers.


The lightweight and compact handheld design makes it adaptable and easy to use at any place (either at home or when you are outside). The single phase expression pump has the adjustable vacuum settings to give the desired comfort for the moms who use it.


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Features of Mini Electrical Breast pumps

  1. Tubeless (motor located in breast shield connector region)
  2. Single pumping
  3. Mains and battery operated
  4. Gentle and efficient expression
  5. Less parts, Easy to clean.
  6. Full range adjustable vacuum
  7. BPA free
  8. Electric or battery-powered (mains adapter included)

Disadvantage of Medela Mini electrics breast pump

  1. The noise generated in using this pump is high and hence its difficult to use it discreet location.
  2. Might be disturbance for your baby sleep when you pump near the sleeping baby.


Who can buy Medela Mini-Electric BreastPump ? 

If you are using manual breast pump occasionally and feel that its time consuming & take more time. Then its high time to swift to this Mini Electric breastpump from Medela.


How easy to clean Mini-electric pump?

This breasts milk pump has very less parts which make assembly and cleaning process easier.


How much times this breastpump used in a day?

It is to be used occasionally.


How does extracted breast milk gets collected into the bottle?

This type of electric pump has the electric motor connected into top portion of the breast shield region which makes the flows directly into collecting bottle.


How different is Mini electric medela breast pumps compare to other electric pump?

Its compact, has a small motor with fewer parts which makes the assembling easy, cleaning is easy process after each use.


To whom Medela Mini Electric fits best ?

Housewives, working mothers who look out for a small, quality pump which is quicker than a manual breastpump and easy to carry.

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