2Q sperm check test kit - Made in America - 99.9% accurate results

2Q sperm check test kit - Made in America - 99.9% accurate results

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A Home Test For Checking Concentration of Sperm In Semen - Imported From USA

Home test kit for checking the concentration of sperm in semen

2Q sperm check test kit is the simple male fertility test which gives sperm count result within 10 minutes. 2Q sperm check test kit’s result is 98% accurate and has an ‘easy to read’ report which is equivalent to a lab report. This male fertility test kit is easy to use, affordable, and convenient! The 2Q sperm count test kit is a unique product through which you can check whether your Sperm count is normal, which is above 20 million sperm per millilitre, as described by the World Health Organization (WHO) or low.

What is Sperm check test?

Sperm Check fertility test kit will have a simple test which can be done at any time in the comfort and privacy at your home. Reading the results of the test is very easy as you will get either a positive result or a negative one. If the number of Sperm count in your semen is above 20 million sperm per millilitre, which is recommended by the WHO, then you will get a positive result.

On the other hand, if the number of sperm count in your semen is less than 20 million sperm per millilitre then you will get a negative result which indicates that you should consult a doctor. 2Q sperm test kit primarily focuses on the sperm-specific protein in semen rather than just the number of cells in the semen which makes it a more accurate means for measuring sperm count.

Why should I use the Sperm Count Test Kit?

Generally, most of the people think of infertility as “women’s fault” but it’s a known fact that one-third of infertility is mainly due to issues relating to men like lower sperm count. Low sperm count is predominantly one of the major reasons for infertility in men. However, other reasons such as low sperm motility, lack of semen or bad quality of sperm can also lead to infertility.

Therefore, it becomes really important to have a Sperm count test done as early as possible so that if sperm count is an issue, then it could be treated immediately. Due to technology advancement, numerous effective treatments are available today including sperm count fertility supplements which are approved by doctors all over the world!

For example, FertilAid, Sperm Count Boost, Sperm motility Boost are some of the best fertility supplements for men.

Do sperm check test kits work?

Yes, they do! A sperm count test kit is an effective way to determine the sperm concentration in semen. Sperm count and concentration in the semen is an important aspect as it increases the chances of conceiving. A lower sperm count is one of the many reasons for infertility.

Knowing that you have a lower sperm count beforehand gives you an ample amount of time to refer to a doctor about this condition and get the required help. Therefore, it is quite beneficial to have a check on your sperm count. Sperm count kits assist you in determining the sperm count by a simple test that involves collecting your semen sample. This test is easy to use gives accurate results.

Features of 2Q sperm check test kit

  • It measures the number of sperms present in the semen above 20 million per millilitre (as recommended by the World Health Organization)
  • Unlike conventional sperm check test, this home sperm check kit is available at an affordable price
  • You get the sperm count results in less than 30 minutes.
  • The result is highly accurate and holds an accuracy of 98%.
  • By using this kit, you spare yourself the embarrassment of going through a clinical test.
  • You get to maintain your privacy as this sperm check test can be done at home. 

How to use 2Q sperm check test kit Fertility Test?

Refer to the below information to get a detailed description on how to use a sperm check test kit:

Product Instructions

  • Please read full instructions given with the product thoroughly before conducting this test.
  • Do not use after the expiry date which is mentioned in the product catalogue.
  • 2Q sperm check test kit is intended for only one use.
  • Do not use if foil wrapper containing this test is damaged.

Kit Contains:-

  • 1 X 2Q sperm check test kit Device
  • 1 X Semen Transfer Device
  • 1 X Semen Collection Cup
  • 1 X 2Q sperm check test kit Solution Bottle
  • 1 Instruction for use, Please click here for the instruction manual.

Where can you buy a sperm count test kit?

Sperm count test kits can be purchased from a physical store. There are several outlets that sell the sperm count kit. You can always buy Sperm count test kits online to have them delivered at your doorsteps without any inconvenience. Buying products online has never been this easier with timely delivery and discreet packaging!

What is the Sperm Test kit price in India?

Sperm count test kit price in India is available at a very much affordable and reasonable price. A single 2Q sperm check test kit costs only Rs.1400. This is the price best price you could get for a sperm test kit in India. No other eCommerce site sells sperm count test kit as low as shycart does and mainly without compromising on the quality.

2Q sperm check test kit - Infographic :

Check out the infographic about 2Q sperm check test kit which details the price and the reviews for the product.

2Q sperm check test kits - Infographic

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