Which is the best type of condom from durex?

Which is the best type of condom from durex?

Natural Feel Condoms

Durex has been manufacturing the high-quality of condoms, which is the No.1 condom brand in the world. It's manufactured from England, easy to put on and their lubes being present on both outside and inside of the condom. The Durex condoms are made of high quality of raw material, which is tested thoroughly. They promise the highest levels of safety, too – all Durex condoms are electronically tested. Durex Feel Thin Condoms are very thin for those who would like a more NATURAL FEEL. The brand is offering the biggest range of condoms from plain to ribbed and dotted with the sensational flavours. They are loved by couples who want to enjoy sex for longer periods of time and are happy giving in to their partner's every wish which requires them to last longer than normal and It gives a natural feeling. If you’re looking to increase stimulation for her, choose Durex’s Extra Sensitive Ribbed condom.

Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms

Durex Extra Ribbed Condoms to extra pleasure and is larger than most other types, so it fits bigger penises more comfortably. Who struggled with more conventional sizes, it also features a dotted pattern and double ribbed condoms for increased stimulation of the receiving partner. It does absolute wonders to you during the vaginal sex, so the condom name is not for nothing. You will be thrilled by the pleasure this condom accords and you can please her all night, giving her the sex of her lifetime.

Durex Extra Time Condoms

Durex Extra Time condoms for extended pleasure and designed to have a special lubricant that helps you delay. It enhances the pleasure and gives a long-lasting performance and help extend the intimacy. Sex is a marathon. A condom that guarantees you extra time in bed with you? Sounds Exciting! Isn't it? Sound like a perfect chance to try more positions, more variations and of course, prolonged and enhanced pleasure entire night. Any condom that is labelled as "Extra time" or "Long Lasting" is the one you have been dreaming all these days and nights. And it, for sure, is going to help you experience a loooooong-lasting sexual encounter in bed with your doe. 

Besides the normal condoms, these condoms can make you run longer in the sex marathon. And these are condoms that contain a specially concocted lubricant for an unimaginable physical intimacy during long-lasting sexual intercourse – these are ideal for couples who are fed up with the normal condoms and find it boring because they feel that they reduce the pleasurable stimulation of sex. The climax control sex lubricant will be at the tip of the condoms which will then be released by body heat after the condom is rolled onto the penis so the male genital's head is desensitized, allowing to withstand more stimulation before the climax. In addition to the pre-lubricated condoms, there is a better alternative for more lubrication and fun. You can have this previlege when you buy lubes of this sort. The female partner will experience no loss of sensation but will gain the satisfaction of longer intercourse.

Durex Extra Dotted Condoms

Try Durex Excite Me, which is the best-dotted condoms in India for extra stimulation or tickling sensation. Durex Extra dotted condoms ensure improving your love. Pleasure guaranteed for you & your partner with strategically placed raised dots. Specially designed in the Durex Excite Me, the shape has uniquely located raised dots & ribs for the sole purpose of providing more excitement & protection while making love with improved sex life. This Durex Excite Me condom promises you & your partner complete excitement.

For safety

It is Extra Safe; They promise the highest levels of safety, too – all Durex condoms are electronically tested. The Durex condoms are made of a high-quality raw material, which is tested thoroughly and order condoms online to have safe sex. They really are safe and they are very well lubricated, perhaps more so than other types.

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Modified on 29 Jun, 2020

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