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What is the purpose of ribbed condoms

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Ribbed condoms have uniquely positioned ribs on the outer surface. They are specially designed for extra enjoyment and stimulation. They are pre-lubricated for comfort and ease during sexual encounters. Some brands have heavily ribbed condoms while some others have narrow ribbing effect. The texture of the ribbed condoms creates an added sensation that satisfies the female partner. Those who enjoy the extra friction and enhanced sensations can opt for a ribbed condom to enjoy the intense feeling and excitement during lovemaking.

Purpose of ribbed condoms

Not every couple derives pleasure from regular condoms. Every individual is different and has different choices when it comes to choosing condoms. Many peoples are bored with using normal plain condoms and would like to experiment with different textured condoms for more enjoyment. Ribbed condoms provide intense excitement for the couple with the special design. Both the partners feel amazing using textured condoms with the right fit and great sensations. Choosing condoms is a very personal decision. Choosing the best condom would be the one that satisfies both the partners, fits comfortably, at the same time follows quality standards to provide safety and protection against unintended pregnancy and STDs.

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Modified on 17 Nov, 2020

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