What are vaginal tightening exercises?

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What are vaginal tightening exercises?

What are vaginal tightening exercises?

Many women had experienced problems of vaginal depravity and they are unable to satisfy their partner during love-making act and add this was the pinnacle of anxiety and indignity for them. There are many saga around the root cause of vaginal looseness like virgin genital is too tight and further when you start sex with so many times, you will about start to loosen the vagina. The main reasons for loosening vagina is ageing and giving multiple births after the age of 30.Here are some pelvic floor exercises in order to tighten the vagina.

Kegel exercise:

Most sex therapists often recommended is kegel exercise. It helps you out to tighten the pelvic floor muscles. When the pelvic floor muscle stretches, the walls of the vagina will be tighten. There are two types of kegel exercise.one is tight your pelvic floor muscles under the bladder as hardened as you can slowly. Hold it for five seconds, then relax and repeat the same for five minutes. Another approach is that tightens the pelvic floor muscles and looses your abdomen, back and thighs. Do repeat it sets of ten for five minutes. Kegel exercise can only help if you do on a regular basis.

Geisha balls

Unfortunately kegel exercise magical trick enough is not worked for some people, so if you falls under this category, then try inserting balls that comes with different weights and widths inside the vaginal opening and tighten the muscles surround it. Most of them feel the difference in about roughly within 56 days after regular exercising.


Squat is also one of the good exercises for vaginal tautness. First you just stand with feet and shoulder wide and keeping the hips pushed in, bend at the knees and at the same time you can add hand weights to work the arms.

Leg raising exercise

Lie on smooth floor and raise each leg into the air alternatively and keep the leg to be straightened while raising it. These will help you out to strengthen the muscles around the vagina. 

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Modified on 31 Dec, 2018

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