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Skore Cherry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

Skore Cherry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant

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Buy the Skore cherry flavoured lubes and cheer up the senses with the cheery flavour

What are sex lubricants?

There are 2 main types of sex lubricants that are available in the market, both online and offline. The first type of lubricant is long last lubricant. This lubricant is mainly used by men who have the problem of premature ejaculation. The second type of lubricant is a normal lubricant which is used for vaginal dryness. A common myth about sex lubricants is that these lubricants are used by only those people who face some problems and others must not use it. However, this is not true. Sex lubricants can be used by anyone as it helps to improve the experience of lovemaking.

Lubricants or lubes are commonly used by couples who wish to experience a smoother feeling of pleasure. These lubes are generally used to reduce the friction between the partners which improves the sensitivity. Another main use of lubes is that flavoured lubes are used for oral sex. Couples tend to prefer flavours more to improve their levels of pleasure. Lubes are sometimes used in combination with a condom. However, most of the condoms are not scented and have a rubber smell, as condoms are made from rubber latex. This smell is not that good and hated by most women. This smell also spoils the mood and many couples do not want to continue after that. That is why these lubes have various kinds of flavour, which allows couples to go on much longer in the bed.

What is Skore lubes?

Skore lubes or Skore lubricants are premium lubricants from Skore condoms. Skore lubes comes in 3 different flavours; cherry, warm and cool flavours. Skore cherry lube comes in a unique flavour of cherry. This unique lube from Skore allows partners to overcome dryness and can be used to moisturize the entire body. This further enhances the levels of excitement. Skore lubes allow couples to enjoy the sensual experience with its cherry lube.

Skore cherry lubes also allow couples to feel greater levels of sensitivity, as the lubricant reduces the friction between them, allowing them to feel as much as possible. This also means that the experience will be very much smoother.

Skore lubes uses:

Skore lubes are used by couples to overcome vaginal dryness during lovemaking. It is used to enhance the experience and create a smooth sensation between them. Also, skore cherry lubes are used by partners to spice up their passion making, thanks to its unique cherry flavour. Skore cherry lubes can be used to improve the experience of oral sex.

Are there any side effects of using Skore Cherry Lubes?

No, there are absolutely no side effects of using Skore cherry Lubes. Since it is a water-based lubricant, it does not lead to any kind of irritation or discomfort while using this lube. Skore cherry lubes are totally safe to use to enhance the experience of passion making.

How to properly use Skore cherry lubes?

Skore cherry lube is really easy to use. Following are the steps:

· Take a small amount of the lube in your hand

· Apply it over the desired area gently.

· Repeat the process until desired results or till the entire area is covered.

About Skore

Skore condoms is owned by TTK PDL (TTK Protective Devices Limited). In India, TTK PDL is one among the market leaders when it comes to the manufacturing business of condoms. This is mainly attributed to the fact that TTK PDL is behind several innovations in the industry. Skore condoms is one of the largest and most popular condom brands in India. Skore condoms is also actively participating in educating people about the importance of Safe sex through their various awareness programs. With a current manufacturing capacity of over 10 billion condoms annually, Skore condoms is also exported to several foreign countries like the USA, UK, Brazil, Spain, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Mexico.

Skore condoms has a variety of products like condoms and lubricants. In condoms, there are various types like flavoured, dotted, ribbed, multi-textured, climax delay and super thin condoms. They also have lubricants in various flavours like Cherry, cool and warm lubes.

What is the Cost of Skore cherry Lubes?

The cost of Skore Cherry lube online in India is Rs 250 for a single can. Each single can of Skore cherry lube has 50 ml 10 grams.

Where to purchase Skore cherry lubes?

Skore cherry lubes and other flavoured lubes can be bought from the regular medical or pharmacy shops. But if you wish to order it discreetly and avoid all embarrassment, you can buy online from shycart with 100% privacy and concealed packaging. You can also visit shycart’s physical medical store located in Adyar, Chennai, to buy this Skore cherry lubes.


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