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Way to tame ones sexual engeries

I'm a 25 yr old female, unmarried , no boyfriend , my problem is that I have lots of sexual flushes as in outbursts , which i can't control, i feel i being flooded with sexual energies, , leaves me distracted , unable to concentrate in my work, i wish to seek help so as to divert my energies towards my studies as I'm a student.


From what you have described you could very well be a girl with normal sexual feelings. You think you are having a problem because either you don't know what is normal or comparing with few others. Before jumping in to a conclusion, you need to be assessed fully through a climical sexologist. Females can masturbate and it has been proven to be safe. So, it could be a way of letting go your sexual urges. Seek professional help, if needed.

Dr Dr Vijayasarathi Ramanathan

MBBS (India), PhD (Aus.), MMed-SexHlth (Aus.), GradDip-SexHlth(Aus.)

Consultant in Sexual Medicine & Founding Director
SSS Centre for Sexual Health Pvt. Ltd

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It is perfectly natural to have sexual urges or flushes as you may call them. It is unnatural to control them too much. You can try using 'vibrator' or similar devices and masturbate to satisfy the urges rather than trying to control them too much and letting them burst out.

Meanwhile, you can take up some sort of physical exercises such as cycling, or swimming, running or simply joining the gym and working out for an hour or so everyday, which will both refresh the body and help your concentration in studies, and keep you distracted.

And, meanwhile, you can take consultation with a qualified sexologist, (anonymously also) through shycart.com website and get your consultation from them. 

But most importantly, you must understand that you might be very normal and might not have a problem. Everyone's body is unique, and we simply should not compare ourselves with others to conclude our own normalcy. 

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