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Sex question - no blood first time and intense trembling?

So me and my boyfriend are virgins. Well he's kinda a virgin, his "sex" times before apparently don't count since he never got more than the tip in or something. I dunno. I just turned 18 a week ago and i definitely wanted to try it since my boyfriend is 19.

Anyways, I was never given the sex talk (yay for uncaring parents) so I've been confused. I don't know if my hymen is still in contact. We lubed up and he penetrated me (it was painful oh my god) but i ended up on talk.

His entire penis entered me and there was no blood, does that mean I don't have a hymen (I am so sorry i am a poorly educated person when it comes to sex)? Also, why does it hurt so much? We tried a variety positions and it ached and stung even with a lot of lube. Will it go away soon the more we try?

Second, during foreplay he went down on me and I had some weird things happen to me.
I experienced:
- tingly feeling throughout body
- intense involuntary trembling in my legs (near the crotch area)
- intense muscle contractions and stiffness (I couldn't move my hand or arm... scary)
- my lips had shrunked in

What was happening? Should I be worried? Was it just because I was a little more nervous than usual (I didn't feel anxious or anything).


Not all women bleed when they have vaginal intercourse for the first time.

See Hymen is a tissue that's filled with blood vessels that covers the part of vaginal opening. Hymens are vary naturally in thickness and how much of openings they cover. It is possible that you had smaller hymens that were just pushed aside when the guy entered you. So this will be reason for not getting bleed. So need not to worry.

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