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Pls answer my question as soon as possible ...

me and my girlfriend had gone physical in bed , we where completly undressed when we did that . i masturbated on her chest and when she got up one drop of my sperms slided down to her vegina . this happened yesterday and actually she was to get periods today , but all her symptoms has stopped all of a sudden . she used to get those white distarges before that incident , nw that also has stopped . is it that she is preganent ?

she is just 18 now ..

can any prcaustion be taken to stop preganency ?


One drop, dropped from chest to vagina when she got up and then went inside her vagina.......the scenario as you have explained has no or very very minimal chances of pregnancy. I think you are too worried and scared of the encounter. Period does not come exactly on the same day and there is always few day of window. Extreme stress about this issue could impact on the periods as well. It is very unlikely to fall pregnant based exactly on what you have said. If you have manipulated the actual incidence or had penetrative sex, then I strongly recommend you to go seek medical help urgently. By the way, take this a lesson and you both need to be sexually more responsible. Please be supportive and give all that is required for the girl. The precaution is to use condoms at all times.

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