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I am 42 now. I have periods with very heavy flow. It is worse than the usual. Is it due to the menopause time or any other serious thing? Am upset. Kindly advice!


Menstruation with heavy flow is a symptom of Menopause. But it is not the only reason. There are few more symptoms associated with menopause. They are:
Irregular periods
Periods with heavy flow
Frequent mood swings
Uncontrolled Urinary discharge
Vaginal irritation
Urinary infections
Increased Body temperature
Weight gain
Sleepless nights

Heavy flow Periods along with these symptoms can be the way to your menopause time.
With these few or all symptoms, You can confirm with your life's phase entering the Stage of Menopause by using the Menopause test kits. 

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With this test kit you can easily find out the menopause or the pre menopause stage.

Else there can also be some other serious issue. Kindly consult the doctor. 

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