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I want to know that am i pregnant?

Hi doctor,
My age is 21.I had my periods on 26th May 2013.
I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on 9th june 2013 though my boyfriend is sure that he didn't ejaculate inside my vagina.Also to be on a safer side i took an i-pill after 48 hours but haven't bleeded till now neither im feeling any of the after pill symptoms mentioned on the packet of pill(abdominal pain,vommitting,headache,bleeding efc)
Are there still any chances of getting pregnant and when can i perform a home pregnency test?


Don't Worry, there is less chances of getting pregnant. Just wait until your next period, your last periods on may 26, so you can expect your next periods on 23-25th. So wait until that. If you miss your next period then you go for the pregnancy test.

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