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Excessive bleeding during periods

hello m goin through ma dates... and this tym its bleeding more than the normal..... so m not understanding why...... plzzzzz tell me... what should i do.... as its paining a lot in ma back


Having a heavy flow has several reasons. It depends upon theage. As you have not specified the age, I will say the reasons for such a heavyflow in the various stages of age.

At the teen age, a sudden abnormal or heavy flow is due tothe hormonal imbalance. Back pain is part of the period symptoms and cramps. There’sabsolutely nothing to worry. If there is a heavy flow for the continuous months,consult a doctor to analyse the reason in person.

If you are between the ages of thirty to forty, Uterine fibroidtumours can be a reason. These tumours develop in the uterus. Severaltreatments are available to cure the Uterine Fibriod Tumour.

Another reason for excessive bleeding is the Pelvic InflammatoryDisease (PID) which is an infection that affects the uterus, fallopian tube,cervix. The causes for PID is usually after child birth or abortion. It canalso be a sexually transmitted infection.

At the age of forty’s, the reasons for heavy flow is thesymptoms of the pre menopause stage and a hormonal imbalance associated withit.

The reasons are very much relevant to your age. If this flowis continuously heavy, it is advisable to consult a doctor soon.

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