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Can I get virgin vagina back?

Dr. I am meghana 23yrs old. I have been in relation with my boyfriend from past 5yrs. We had sex every 2-3 times a week literally.
Recently came to know he was cheating on me so broke up with him. Its been 3 months that I broke up.
My parents want me to get married, but I am scared whether my husband will come to know I am not a virgin.
I want to tighten my vagina into virgin vagina for a good life ahead.
I know by hiding it, I am cheating him but I am helpless. Cant tell him the truth. You can understand how much it matters to a husband his wife's virginity in India. My family's reputation and all will get spoiled if this matter comes out.I was a fool to trust my boyfriend.
My marriage date is out.3months after in my marriage.
I am going to gym and doing whole body toning exercises (thredmill,cycle,cross trainer, stretching exercises,etc) and i am doing kegel exercise too.
Please help me out. I need your help desperately.


Relax. Need not worry much. There is an option. You can't get back your virginity, but you can tighten your vagina by using vaginal tighten cream. There are a few vaginal tightening creams available in the market.Check 18 again , Everteen.With these creams, there are kegel exercises.
Once you apply these creams and do those kegel exercises, you can definitely feel the change

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