Preconception Tips for Men

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Preconception Tips for Men

Even though a woman can carry and deliver the kid, a man also plays an integral part conjointly includes a crucial role in the process of conception. It takes more than 20 million sperm cells for the successful conception of a baby. For fertilization to occur, a man's sperm cell should be healthy and motile to succeed in and penetrate the woman's egg.

Almost half of the infertility cases around the world are due to the problem with the sperm of the father to be. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have a frequent general medical check-up or right before you are attempting or planning for a baby. Consult with your doctor regarding any tests you would possibly need, and whether you must avoid any medicines you may already be taking. Usually, Doctors or Fertility specialist will suggest men take the best fertility supplement for men like Sperm Count Boost or Sperm Motility Boost.

When the couples get ready for pregnancy, typically, both men and women focus more on women's health and take the utmost care for their fertility. However, there are many habits men should be compelled to developing throughout these crucial months of preparation for a successful conception. One of the greatest misconceptions about the infertility is that the problems with fertility just don't rely entirely on the female.

According to the Organization of Teratology Data Services (OTIS), “Agents or substance which may cause birth defects don't reach the growing fetus through male like they usually do from the pregnant mother,” However, they also stated that male exposure to particular substances or agents will result in some considerable preliminary issues with fertility and in addition, it could slightly increase the chances of certain birth defects.

Having balanced BMI and well maintained physique will greatly influence the chances of conceiving a healthy baby. At the same time, being overweighed will have an adverse effect on the quality of your sperm and eventually reduces your libido greatly. Also, it might make it more difficult to maintain an erection which is commonly known as erectile dysfunction. This doesn't mean that being underweight will not have any effects on fertility because underweight will also make it tougher for you to conceive.

The best approach to have a balanced body weight is to eat a nutrient rich diet and regular physical exercise. If you're overweight or obese, then losing a couple of kilos can facilitate to get your partner pregnant. You and your partner must encourage one another to guide a healthy lifestyle.

Preconception Tips for Men

  • Have a Healthy Diet
  • Take ample folic acid in the form of folate
  • Take antioxidants
  • Say no to Alcohol and Cigarettes
  • Get GP check
  • Focus to attain balanced BMI
  • Frequent physical exercise
  • Keep the testicles cool
  • Have regular sex
  • Take zinc loaded fruits and veggies
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Modified on 22 May, 2020

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