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Post pregnancy belly control panty Monal

Post pregnancy belly control panty Monal

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Specially made for Post pregnancy Belly control panty.


Specially made for Post pregnancy  Belly control panty

Washing Instruction:

Hand wash in cold water.

- Do not bleach.

- Do not wing or twist.

- Irn at low temperature.

- Dark colour washes separately.


Measure Around Waist in Inches & cms

Size Cms Inches

  • Medium 80 32
  • Large 85 34
  • Xtra Large 90 36
  • Double XL 100 40

Maternity belly control underwear after birth:

After delivery, your stomach will feel a bit heavy. Pregnancy women's muscles get stretched for nearly 9 months to accommodate a baby. When the delivery is done, it takes some days or months for them to recover their strength and energy. As a result, you may want maternity belly control underwear for support for your belly muscles. The secret here is that this post-pregnancy belly control panty will not only help define your hip by tightening your mid-section, they will also provide support. After birth, you will feel unstable and unsupported by your abdominal muscles. Wearing redrose postpartum underwear will help to control belly, gain support and looks great.

Redrose maternity shapewear is specially designed to support and protect mothers who have just given birth. Redrose maternity shapewear is soft, breathable and comfortable. This post pregnancy belly control panty will reduce the belly and irritation to your wounds and sensitive areas. Wearing maternity belly control underwear has the following benefits:

Post pregnancy belly control panty helps to support post-pregnancy belly control panty can provide support to the sensitive regions of your body specifically the abdominal and vaginal area. Materials commonly used in the redrose maternity shapewear is light, breathable and soft on the skin. You also will not have any tight fitting elastics to cause further skin irritation.

The maternity belly control underwear is used for protection - Wearing Redrose postpartum underwear helps to protect the stitches either in the abdomen or in the perineal region. This post pregnancy belly control panty will help avoid any aggravation in that region. Or worse, create the wound again. Wearing Redrose postpartum underwear for protection will help your wounds heal faster.

The post-pregnancy belly control panty helps to compress the belly - Wearing Redrose postpartum underwear provide mild compression to your belly, hips, and waist which can make moving around easier. Redrose maternity shapewear helps you recover faster. So, the main purpose of this Redrose maternity shapewear is to control your belly.

Maternity belly control underwear will prevent infection - Material used to manufacture post-pregnancy belly control panty is very breathable and promotes air circulation in the body to the parts that are still healing. After birth, you are likely to have excess wetness from sweat and more frequent urination, which can create an environment that breeds bacteria and is vulnerable to infection. Keeping the vaginal area moisture free is critical. Wearing Redrose postpartum underwear helps to promote faster healing and prevent unexpected complications.

Why use maternity belly control underwear after birth:

Regular underwear is unlikely to be adequate or gentle enough to support you post delivery. After delivery, there is will be bleeding and discharge. You need maternity belly control underwear that will help to hold maternity pads or postpartum pads firmly in place. Wearing redrose postpartum underwear can prevent unexpected leaks, minimize belly, while still supporting the surrounding areas gently. At the same time, regular panties are not enough for mothers who just have a caesarian delivery. It is uncomfortable and can be irritating for the skin. So, this redrose maternity shapewear is made soft and to give extra support.

Another great feature of this post pregnancy belly control panty is the smoothness and the elastic band rest higher than the caesarian section line. Wearing redrose postpartum underwear will cover your postpartum belly without irritating your wound.

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