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Panty liners - why women need to stock it up?

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Panty liners - why women need to stock it up?
Is there a panty liner in your Hand bag? How many expensive and glamorous products occupy your handbag that you carry everyday? Cosmetics like Nail polish, Lipstick,gloss,liners etc., Some hygiene products includes sanitizers,hand kerchiefs etc.,Do yor carry a them in your bag?

What is a panty liner?

Carrying a pantyliner may not be as fashionable as to carry cosmetics.But do you know that this product is more important than all the other commodities we carry? So now why is this required? We use Sanitary pads during  the menstrual period when the discharge of menstrual blood is high.But many of us  do  have irregular periods.It is highly inconvenient to use the sanitary pads on the nearing days of periods and at the end of the same when there is a light flow. These liners serves the purpose.

Is it same as a sanitary pad?

No.Pads are thick and  are designed to absorb the heavy flow. Whereas the liners are very thin and  made of light absorbent substances.

Why use it?

It is mostly preferred for the following.
To collect the various vaginal discharges such as menstrual blood(not during the cycle but before or after when there is a little spill),white discharge, fluids released during ovulation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, Ejections due to infections,Wetness when sexually aroused, Any other occasional
All the above mentioned spills if not absorbed properly may cause Itching,Irritation and Infection and be a reason for some serious illness. The product keeps you dry and fresh than being wet ,sinky and smelly. Your expensive and favourite panties can remain stain-free. More than anything it helps you enjoy Guaranteed hygiene and tension free life.

When and where to use?

Having said about their capacity to withstand only minimal discharges it can be used any day except during the menstrual cycle.
Very effective for young girls nearing their puberty. Greatly valued at the time of travelling,sports,yoga,trekking,party or any celebrations.

Panty liners everyday?

Since it is slim,cotton soft , comfortable and hypoallergenic, there is nothing wrong in using it all day everyday.
It is a significant and most convenient product in feminine care.Many women suggest that wearing this round the clock all the year is not difficult at all also proves no significant body issues. 
This item is available with various special features like 

dual layered,

flavoured or scented (to control the odour),

more padding,

suits according to the body shape,




organic and herbal,

washable and reusable

thong pantyliners

wide pantyliners.

Reusable liners 

Apart from disposable products,the favourite one is that made of layered cloth cotton flannels which is preferred for the very reason that its existence is barely felt.It can be fixed on the daily wear panties just as as extra clothing.It is skin friendly,breathable,available in various colors and designs It comes with nickel free press buttons that keeps the liner adhered to the underwear.Above all it is loved for its affordability since it is washable and can used till a period of 2 to 5 years.   

How to wash?

Wash it seperately from the usual laundry. Can be washed with regular detergents.No pre-rinsing is required.
In case of stains immedaitely rinse with cold water.It is advisable to store the reusable pantyliners in seperate laundry bags.
 And now dont forget to reserve a place for the pantyliner in your carry bag and also provide a helping hand to those needed.
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Modified on 26 Aug, 2019

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