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Omtex tokyo supporter - back covered

Omtex tokyo supporter - back covered

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A Tokyo supporter otherwise called athletic supporter is an underwear initially intended for supporting the male genitalia amid games or different fiery physical action. All the more as of late, 'mold athletic supporters' have get to be mainstream as normal clothing worn by men as a distinct option for different styles. Tokyo supporters are for athletic intentions are most usually worn by competitors, weight lifters and exercise center goers. This article of clothing comprises of a waistband (typically versatile) with a bolster pocket for the genitalia and two flexible straps joined to the base of the pocket and to one side and right sides of the waistband at the hip. The pocket, in a few mixtures like jockstrap may be fitted with a pocket to hold a stomach watchman (sway safe glass, box) to ensure the testicles and/or the penis from harm. It's intended to suit Abdo Guard, which is imperative for ensuring Genitals.


It's designed to accommodate Abdo Guard, which is very important for protecting Genitals.Made from 100% Pure cotton (Except Elastic waistband) which is very skin friendly and absorbs sweat efficiently. OMTEX Gym supporters are a must for athletes like Power Lifters, Bodybuilders, Weight Lifters.

This supporter is orthopedically correct to support your testicles from undue strain and is best for helping Hernia Control.

What is the benefit of wearing a Tokyo supporter?

While men work out in activity focus, there ought to be additional support that ought to be given to groin. This is to give added support to testicles. This supporter do offer unprecedented and tight feel so that the testicles are situated up. The primary advantage of wearing this supporter is it will spare you from Inguinal, there is a little abs, if yours is hereditarily solid then nothing will happen except for on the off chance that it is frail u may get hernia. Also, as every one of you know working for hernia is a standout amongst the most lavish surgeries.

How does not wearing a Tokyo supporter affect the male genitals?

The inspiration driving jockstrap is to hold the male privates set up and cover great development. A consistent match of briefs can in like manner serve the same measure of antagonistic to skipping reason. A hard blow without a resistive glass can end up in building of wealth fluid in scrotum.

In activity focus when we do exercises like overhead triceps extension , one hand triceps growthes , dumbbell press for shoulders , squats for thighs et cetera , great weight around the mid-portion can put undue weight and plummeting draw on muscles and organs, achieving characteristically feeble spots bearing a huge weight, and in the end prompts hernia.

A hernia happens when an organ or oily tissue presses through a delicate spot in an including muscle or connective tissue called belt. By the day's end hernias result from a weakness in the stomach divider that develops after sooner or later from unreasonable weight put on the particular range The most broadly perceived sorts of hernia are inguinal (internal groin), incisional (coming to fruition on account of a cut), femoral (outside groin), umbilical (gut get), and hiatal (upper stomach). cut), femoral (outer groin), umbilical (paunch get), and hiatal (upper stomach).

In an inguinal hernia, the digestive tract or the bladder extends through the stomach divider or into the inguinal divert in the groin. Around 80% of all hernias are inguinal, and most happen in men because of a trademark inadequacy here.


How to wear a Tokyo supporter?

The supporter is intended to secure the penis and the testicles for any male playing a game. Just follow these 3 steps

Step 1

Buy a supporter which fits you perfectly neither too tight nor too loose. The right fit is very important.

Step 2

Wear the garment like any undergarment and place the straps in the back perfectly to ensure the right fit. Stretch and make sure the fit and the grip is perfect.



Superior quality design for maximum durability.

Helps your vital parts from undue strain.

Helps you to play on with confidence

Ideal for sports activity.


Measure Around Waist in Inches & cms

Size : Inches / Cms

Small : 28" - 30" / 70-75 cms
Medium : 32" - 34" / 80-85 cms
Large : 36" / 90 cms


  • Black
  • Navy Blue
  • Grey

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