NottyBoy DingDong Green Apple Flavoured Condom 2 X 10s

NottyBoy DingDong Green Apple Flavoured Condom 2 X 10s

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NottyBoy DingDong Green Apple Flavoured Condoms

Nottyboy Dingdong - Green Apple Flavoured Condom Information:-

Texture Dotted Condom
Made of Natural Rubber Latex
Flavour Green Apple Flavour
Lubrication Benzocaine For Extra Delay
Shape Straight Walled & Teat ended
Sizes Standard sizes
Size Dimensions  
Length 180 mm
Width 53 ±2 mm
Disposable Bags 10 Bags

Nottyboy Green Apple Flavoured Condom

It’s time to ring the bells of intimacy with the Nottyboy dingdong condoms! These condoms are green apple flavoured having dotted texture to make your sexual play more delightful. They are available in a combo pack of 2 consisting of 10 condoms each. 

Dotted textured

Nottyboy condoms are dotted condoms that have dots mounted over their outer surface. These dots are known to stimulate the erogenous zones of the genitals. The stimulation of nerve endings can give immense pleasure. With proper usage of this dotted condom, you can feel an increase in sensations during intercourse. The normal plain condoms widen the gap between the genitals by a thick layer. This thick layer can interfere with the stimulation of the genitals and can affect your sexual arousals. The extra raised dots touch nerve ending in the intimate region and stimulate them for more pleasure and excitement during lovemaking.    


Flavoured condoms are effective when used during oral sex. The usual taste and smell of latex can make your partner uncomfortable. This can make your oral experience unpleasant and can vastly affect your sex drive. The essence of green apple can be tempting and arousing. It brings in a new dimension of excitement and a refreshing take on your sex practices. It can boost up your foreplay sessions like never before! They are also an effective way to have protection against STI’s such as Chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhoea. These diseases have a high chance of getting transferred during oral sex. Using a condom is therefore essential to make your pleasures safe. To add an extra layer of excitement to your oral pleasures, try the green apple flavoured condoms!


The Nottyboy dingdong condoms are effectively lubricated. Lubricated condoms are essential for having a pleasurable experience during intercourse. Condoms that are lubricated tend to glide in smoothly inside the female genital reducing excess friction that may cause pain and discomfort. This can compensate for the lack of lubrication produced by the body during intercourse. It is necessary to have adequate lubrication and lubricated condom gives you just that with a natural feel and extra pleasure. With effective lubrication, the sexual play becomes enjoyable for you and your partner alike.


The Nottyboy dingdong condoms are made from Natural rubber latex. They are non- allergic and give a comfortable fit. The Nottyboy condoms are quite easy to use and are effective in protecting you against sexually transmitted diseases. It is advisable to find a condom of the right size as a loosely or tightly fit condom can be a major distraction during intercourse. A tightly fit condom can affect your erections by reducing the flow of blood to your genitalia. If a condom is too loose then there is a high possibility that it might come off during penetrations. Therefore having a comfortable fit is very essential.

Product features

  • Dotted condoms
  • Green apple flavoured
  • Well lubricated
  • Non-allergic latex
  • Disposal pouch included

Buy the Nottyboy dingdong condoms and make your sexual encounters more enticing and exciting! You won’t regret buying them as these green apple flavoured condoms will add an extra pinch of fun to your sex life. You can buy the Nottyboy dingdong here at Shycart – the best place to buy condoms online! Privacy protection is ensured as Shycart assures you with discretion in the packing and delivery of products.

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