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Menstrual Cup Cleaning Tumbler

Menstrual Cup Cleaning Tumbler

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Specially manufactured to fit menstrual cups of different shapes and sizes available.

Menstrual Cup Cleaning Tumbler

Specially Manufactured to fit menstrual cups of different shapes and sizes available.

Material: polypropylene (PP), food-safe and microwave safe.

This cup is designed to help you in cleaning your menstrual cups either:

– With the microwave, or

– With a sterilizing solution (that is used for sterilizing baby bottles)

Disinfecting in Microwave: Place the menstrual cup inside the tumbler with the stem at the bottom, pour water until the cup starts floating. Adjust the temperature based on your microwave model. The recommended power level is about 4-5 minutes is sufficient. The water must be boiling for disinfection to take place. Make sure the lid of the cup loose, so that it will allow the steam produced to escape. Since the container will be very hot, it is highly advised to let it cool down for a few minutes before taking it out from the microwave.

Cup capacity: 150 ml

Dimensions: Diameter 50 mm; Height 90 mm

Menstrual cup cleaning tumbler - Product information:-

Brand             -   Hygiene and You

Capacity          -  Diameter 50 mm; Height 90 mm

Items Included - 1 cup with lid

Colors             -  Blue, Orange, Purple


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