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“Luminoglow” - glow in the dark lingerie

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“Luminoglow” - glow in the dark lingerie


Say goodbye to night-time fumbles with this glow in the dark underwear that wows with the light on and off which is made from chiffon and 'illuminating glow lace


The ultimate fun glow-in-the-dark lace lingerie with no shortage of sophistication, femininity and seductive appeal. By daylight, it is divine and daring and in the night, it is alluring and provocative. And there’s a little something extra that you normally wouldn’t expect to see with luxurious lingerie. Switch off the lights and make sure your bedroom is really dark and then your lover will be surprised… the lingerie glows in darker situations too! Buy LuminoGlow in India online at Shycart which is made for lovers. It says adore me, want me, especially in the dark! Wow, your lover with this sumptuous bra and bikini set.

Luminoglow -Glow in dark lingerie

Bikini With Ties

Sumptuous and sexy with beautiful wide satin ties at the sides. This cheeky bikini even has glow in the dark lace at the back so you'll be glowing all over! It's only available in one size fits most. It looks amazing with triangle Bra, just gorgeous!

Bikini with Ties

Triangle Bra

Have some fun in our designer halter lace triangle bra with satin ties at the back. Once the lights are turned off you will see the soft wisps of lace dancing in the darker situation. Only available in one size fits most.

Glowing Triangle Bra


A line of sensual lingerie is set to put an end to night-time disorientation.  The luminous valentine sets glow in a fluorescent green, meaning your partner can always find you if you prefer to keep the lights off, and you'll never have to fumble with a bra strap in darkness again. When the lights are switched off intricate patterns on the bra and knickers glow green in the dark, rather than the entire item, subtly highlighting your shape.


Have you ever seen water-filled bras and edible panties? Now Luminoglow brings us glow-in-the-dark underwear. And why not? What could be better than beautifully styled, wonderfully comfortable lingerie that adds a naughty little kick at the end of the day? During the day, you''re wearing pretty white lacy underwear; at night, you glow. Day or night, each piece is beautifully designed, featuring lace and satin embellishments.


To fully appreciate the glow-in-the-dark effect, you actually have to ''charge'' the underwear by holding it up to a strong light for a minute or two. Well worth the effort when you show it off in a completely dark room. Really, totally dark.  The result? You in a sexy glow of seduction. The lingerie is soft to the touch, intricate and lovely to look at it, and brings new meaning to the expression ''light up my life.''

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