Lingerie online shopping - all need to know

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Lingerie online shopping - all need to know

What is Lingerie?

Lingerie are typically related to women's undergarments that provides to uplift female posture, making them more coveted and brings to the next level of love-making with their partners. It is flexible and made from Lycra, lace, silk and cotton. It helps a woman to lift the breast area and develop curvature on her body and add up to make her feel very sexy and can highlight the area of her body. Lingerie is in many forms such as bikinis, thongs and brassieres which also help to highlight of her parts.


Benefits of using this

It provides a lot of confidence in working place or during a date with your partner. It plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy relationship. Certain lingerie offers to promote weight loss and good silhouette.

What is the difference between lingerie and underwear?

Most of the people consider lingerie and undergarments are identical products. But there is little difference between these two. Underwear can be worn by both male and female whereas lingerie can be used by a female for the purpose of attraction and captivating sex. Underwear is less expensive compared to Lingerie. Underwear is made of cotton while lingerie is made up of silk and lycra.


Types of Lingerie:

Lingerie can be categorised into two types based on wearing. Some of these can be worn under over garments and some of them can be worn underneath regular clothing. Camisoles and slips are some of the products that fall into the first category. It provides support stays invisible. Fancy bra, corsets, Baby doll, nightgowns, Leather lingerie and handcuff fall into the second category. It is visible and let men see her body parts and make more intimacy with her.

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Modified on 05 Jul, 2019

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