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Large size condoms in India

Choosing the right condom starts with the size of the condom. There is a condom size chart available to know your size and buy the best condom that fits you perfectly. Large size condoms are specially designed to fit larger men. They are bigger than regular condoms and come with a comfortable fit and better grip.

Buy large size condoms online

shycart is the best place to buy large size condoms with 100% privacy. When you are not comfortable or not having pleasure with the regular size condoms, check out the large or extra large condoms.

General dimensions of large size condom

Large sized condom - Length: 8 inches and up and Width: 2.13 to 2.3 inches.
Large condom must be used, if the Girth < 5.1 inches

Benefits of using right size condom

Always find the right size condom to enjoy a safer and better sex which has several benefits

  • Improves your sex life
  • Right size provides more comfort
  • Better fit leads to more pleasure
  • Ensures safety and protection
  • Less chances of condom breakage or damage

Frequently asked questions about Large size condoms

Which is the best extra large condom brands?

KamaSutra and Manforce condoms are the best extra large condom brands in India.
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