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Ky jelly- massage 2in1

Ky jelly- massage 2in1

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KY Jelly Lubricate stimulating - massage 2in1 Pack of 2

K-Y Jelly Lubricating Stimulating (82g)

Water soluble

K-Y Jelly is water soluble meaning that it doesn’t stain and gets washed off easily. Water based lubricants gives the right amount of moisture for lovemaking. They eliminate the chances of vaginal dryness. Using a personal lubricant is so easy because of its water soluble nature.  Just cleanse the area with some water and clean using soap. Apart from that, it’s non-greasy too. There is a smooth and natural feeling rather than uneasiness.

No excess fragrance

This product has no characteristic fragrance. A strong fragrance tends to persist for long even after thorough cleaning. To overcome this, K-Y jelly contains no added fragrance. Excess fragrance can be a major turn down for many people. Apart from the smell retention, it can turn out to be unpleasant as strong fragrance causes nasal irritation. With the KY jelly lubricant, you no longer have to worry about the many ill effects of strong fragrances and enjoy a joyride with your loved one.

Compatible with latex condoms

Unlike the oil based lubricants, this lube is compatible with most of the latex condoms. The surface of the latex condoms is not affected by the ingredients of this lubricant. Also, It can be used during masturbation as it works well most of the sex toys. Lubes make penetration more easy and comfortable. Additionally, you can apply a few drops of this lubricant over the surface of the condom for better and enhanced sexual experiences.

Vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness can painful and can adversely affect your sex life. It is caused due to several factors such as ageing, low hormone levels, anxiety and stress. During this condition, the body fails to produce adequate lubrication that is required for penetrations to be pleasurable rather than painful. Personal lubricants can help in overcoming problems of vaginal dryness. Just squeeze a few drops of K-Y Jelly lubricant on your hands and apply it all over your genitals. The water-based lubricant will easily blend over the skin and form a smooth layer. This gives you the much-needed lubrication.

Durex Play Massage 2 in 1

Soft and silky

Durex play massage lube has a 2 in 1 action formula that gives the pleasure of a personal lubricant as well as a massage gel. This massage gel makes your skin smooth and silky. It gives a soft touch and feel to your intimate skin enhancing sexual arousals. A dry or rough skin is undesirable during sex as it can be painful and reduce the overall pleasure. Therefore to make the intimate skin smooth and silky, apply the Durex play massage 2 in 1 lube over your intimate area to feel soft and silky.

Enriched with Guarana

The durex play massage 2 in 1 personal lubricant is enriched with the flavour of Guarana. Guarana is known to contain a blend of stimulants. These stimulants boost endurance and engage your mood. Flavoured lubricants are effectively used during oral sex. The oral pleasure reaches new heights with the Guarana flavoured personal lubricant. Also, the essence of Guarana adds to the temptations and doubles the excitement.

Genital discomfort

Genital discomfort can widely affect your sexual life. It becomes difficult to carry on with the usual sexual encounters. It may lead to itching and dryness of the intimate areas. Lubrication is required in excess in case of vaginal dryness. This condition can make intercourse painful and could even lead to light bleeding after intercourse.  Genital discomforts can be overpowered by using personal lubricants. Personal lubricant gives an effective lubrication to your intimate parts.

Water based lubricant's features:

  • Combo pack
  • Water based lubes
  • Tackles genital discomfort
  • Compatible with condoms

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