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Is the usage of female condom not so convenient?

Is the usage of female condom not so convenient?

The female condom receives mixed responses

It’s not always welcomed by men. A majority of them resist change and believe that it takes the essence out of pleasurable sex.

The female condom is yet to make a mark for itself even though it provides contraception and protection against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The idea of the female condom in itself might seem new to many. This is because there is very less exposure to it. When you buy condoms online, the female condom hardly is publicized.

So, what is it anyway?

It is a thin Nitrile or Latex pouch that lines the vagina. This is worn by women during sex. It is no different from Latex condoms used by men. when it comes to function- it prevents pregnancy and stops STIs from spreading. 

It is not popular because it is considered expensive and out-of-reach by many. The web sure seems to carry much information about it. But, this is not available to many humble women who live in all nooks and corners of the world. Sometimes, due to lack of knowledge and money, these women end up reusing.

Fun Filled
In situations where a male partner refuses to use a condom, the Female condom saves a woman from gripping fears of unwanted pregnancy and infections. Otherwise, this anxiety is bound to play spoil-sport in what otherwise could have been an enjoyable session of love-making. To conclude, it hinders fun only when NOT used and not the other way round.

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Modified on 26 Jun, 2020

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about 1 years ago
about 1 years ago

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