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Invigra Combo of Strawberry & Banana, Alphonso

Invigra Combo of Strawberry & Banana, Alphonso

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Love to be artistic in the bed? Then Invigra Combo Flavoured Condoms pack is the best deal for you! The protruding dotted impressions and luscious flavours intensify the intensity and induce extreme pleasure. It has its contour lubricated which aids to delay the climax and enriches pleasure between you and your playmate. It also has a reservoir end at the tip. Kick your shyness to buy condoms in an outlet store. Now get a wide range of condoms online at with 100% privacy and packagings.

Product Description:

Assorted pack of condoms with Strawberry, Banana & Alphonso as a variant. Invigra condoms when properly used are highly effective against the risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, HIV(AIDS), although no contraceptives can guarantee 100% effectiveness.

  • Invigra Condoms are also available in other variants.
  • Each condom for single use only
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from heat and direct sunlight
  • If allergic to rubber products consult a doctor before use
  • For maximum protection follow enclosed instructions


Invigra Banana Flavoured Condoms pack of 12's
Invigra Alphonso Flavoured Condoms pack of 12's
Invigra Strawberry Flavoured Condoms pack of 12's

Invigra Banana Flavoured condoms

Invigra Banana Flavoured condoms are specially fabricated for banana flavour and added pleasure to your special. They're designed to have a protruding raised dots which is the secret of euphoric pleasure. It is tested dermatologically and hermetically to ensure safety against conception. These condoms are the best option for oral, a method of birth control, protective measure against pregnancy and HIV or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD). Banana Flavoured condoms will taste and smell exactly like natural fruit. Alike all flavoured condoms, this has also been designed for oral sex and if your woman craves for and her favourite is banana, then don't miss this bad boy out. As always, Invigra amuses us further with cool additional features. Invigra Banana flavoured condoms are manufactured to have dotted texture on its contour and cool colours, yes it is coloured as well, which will make you and your girl go romp in bed. So, don’t waste your time thinking about it, this condom will be your favourite so just don't feel shy to experience it once.

Invigra Alphonso Flavoured condoms

Craving for mangoes all seasons? Don't worry! Now you can have mangoes all season and all night. Yeah, you read it right! You can enjoy the mangoes with Invigra Alphonso, King of all mangoes, flavoured condoms. Now, with Invigra Alphonso, voyage the erotic journey in the euphoric world embellished with mouthwatering mango's sweetness. Nothing could ever complement the mango's taste helping you reach the pinnacle of pleasure with an adventurous experience.

With Invigra Alphonso Condoms the sun is immaterial and will make you both fly high in your romantic world. Under this pleasant circumstance and with added mango essence to your act of intimacy, she can have highly intensifying and overflowing eroticism, which is difficult to portray. For such intimacy, Invigra has Launched Alphonso flavoured and dotted Condoms. Nobody likes to be disturbed while you're making love passionately and sensibly. Nonetheless, you wouldn't want to compromise on the safety concern.

Invigra Alphonso flavoured and dotted condoms aid couples to encounter a heightened eroticism while experiencing 'near-natural' second skin feel. These Alphonso flavoured condoms are fabricated to let the couples experience the real taste and odour of the real Alphonso. The dotted texture of this condom will open the gates for the unexplored world of pleasure.

Invigra Alphonso is for those who don’t want rubber latex odour which completely turns off her. And it is tested hermetically to ensure that the couples have a safe sex without being dubious of conception. Invigra Alphonso can comfort couples by making them enjoy an intoxicating sexual encounter.

Invigra Strawberry Flavoured condoms

Are you fascinated to explore and embellish your lovemaking with the element of surprise everytime? then Invigra Strawberry Flavoured Condom is just the perfect option for you. Invigra Strawberry flavoured condoms are fabricated with the premium quality rubber latex material. The contour of the strawberry flavoured condoms are manufactured to have dotted texture and also thin that helps you encounter a titillating intimacy as you can be assured with the protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Invigra condoms not only offers relentless protection but also helps you appreciate your lovemaking to the core.

Invigra strawberry condom variant is designed to churn your act of lovemaking to the whole another level in the exospheric zone. The sexquisite strawberry flavoured condoms can make your mood focused for a scintillating climax as soon as you unbox the pack. The sexotic strawberry fragrance can caprice your mood inducing fly-high feel and allowing you both to revel in the fragrance and then gear up with your intimacy. She would go nuts for you when you get yourself equipped with Invigra Strawberry flavoured and no wonder this variant could become your all-time favourite.


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