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Incontinence - What it is and how to handle it

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Incontinence - What it is and how to handle it

When one thinks of adult diapers, the things that come to their mind are, its for old people, for people with bladder incontinence or faecal incontinence etc. While the basic definition of incontinence means the above reasons and suggest the use of adult diapers, there are far more reasons and explanations to incontinence issues.

What is incontinence?

Incontinence refers to the loss of bladder control (called as urine incontinence) and the loss of bowel control (known as faecal incontinence). These are the two types of incontinence – urine and bowel. While they may sound very simple, the amount of stress one endures cannot be explained in words. Why? It because the severity ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that's so sudden and strong you don't get to a toilet in time.

The International Continence Society (ICS) defines urinary incontinence as the complaint of any involuntary leakage of urine. While it is estimated that up to 50% of women experience urinary

incontinence at some point in their lifetime, it should also be noted that on most occasions, people are unaware that about this and the condition remains unreported.

While occasional incontinence is a common issue, as a random headache, if you are facing it in most part of your daily activities, it is recommended that you see a doctor quickly. Frequent urination in men or women, should not be taken lightly. For most people, simple lifestyle changes or medical treatment can ease discomfort or stop urinary incontinence.

What are the types of Incontinence?

There are two types of incontinence:

1. Stress incontinence - Involuntary leakage, which is usually due to weak pelvic muscles.

2. Urge incontinence or overactive bladder – Facing an uncontrollable urge, mostly at odd hours, for the need to relieve yourself.

What are the symptoms of urinary incontinence?

We Indians have a mindset that we never are sure about our problems until it causes serious damage. So, here are the most common symptoms you will have if you have it.

Symptoms of incontinence

1. Soiling your underwear occasionally (Urge incontinence)

2. Forcing yourself to empty the bladder or bowels

3. Feeling that your bladder or bowel is not empty

4. Having leaks, in drops, when you sneeze or cough or laugh. That is, when you pressure you body with something. Which also includes, when you play sports or working out in gym. (Stress incontinence)

5. Getting sudden urge to go to toilets (Urge incontinence)

6. Leaking before going to toilet

7. Waking up multiple times in the middle of your sleep to go to toilet (Urge incontinence)

If you have any of the above, then it means that you have incontinence.

What causes frequent urination?

They very question on why you have an overactive bladder, cannot be answered simply. But, there are a few common issues:

  • Your liquid intake is very high -
  • Comsumption of Alcohol
  • having too many coffee or tea
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Foods with Artificial colours or sweeteners

Medical issues would be,

1. Urine tract infection (also known as bladder infection): When you dont take care of your body, you might catch some infection which will start irritating your bladder, which will create a strong urge to urinate and will eventually lead to urinary incontinence.

2. Prostate cancer: If you have a prostate cancer it is highly likely that you’ll be suffering from Urinary incontinence.

3. Urinary Stones: When the normal flow of urine, gets blocked by an obstruction such as urinary stones or tumor, it will lead to some of the urine being stuck which would start leaking later on.

Also, it is highly likely that women during pregnancy and post childbirth would face urinary incontinence as the weight increase in the uterus and the childbirth will weaken the muscles needed for bladder control.

Complications and psychological impacts

While the issue, when you read on paper may sound very simple, what one will be going through with this issue will be like hell. As per a research report, it is said that people having incontinence would be burdened with anxieties and feelings of embarrassment and shame. It also says that they are forced to live in constant fear that others will discover their condition. For a Women’s sexual function and relationships with their partners are significantly affected by their incontinence, thus augmenting their feelings of low self-confidence. Between 25–50% of women with urinary incontinence experience sexual dysfunction.


When you are suffering from incontinence, while using an adult diaper may seem like a good option, it still gives the feelings of stigma and humiliation. You wouldn’t be able to play your favourite sports and excercise casually. While your work life will take a hit. Those frequent breaks and visits to toilets might give you a hard time. As per a report, about 23% of women are forced to take time off thier work because of incontinence. Travelling or going on holiday will seem to be more stressful time than work. For women suffering from urinary incontinence,what should be an enjoyable trip can often become a daunting and traumatic experience. It would be very hard to muster up the courage to ask the driver, infront of all the fellow passengers to stop for a break. It is not just that, but also when you go for a dinner or even a movie night play spoilers. Even a simple visit to a bank or a hospital visit will be hard, not just by the incontinence but mostly because of the fear of humiliation of wetting yourself infront of the people.


It is found that depression has been very much common with both women and men who have incontinent, adding to the cycle of low self-esteem, increased social withdrawal and, ultimately, a reduction in quality of life.


While the solution is to have more toilets in the places, and not to be shy about asking for a break or asking about the whereabouts of a toilet to a complete stranger. It is also essential that we educate people to be sensitive about these issues and help people.


With that being said, it is also very important to understand that, while you can always hope for the best from random citizens, it is not advisable to expect the same. Being prepared about your health issues, without forcing yourself to get help from others would be the best option. One of such options is using a adult diaper. A good quality adult diaper can be used for 10-12 hours and can help you with 4-5 leaks.


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Modified on 04 Jul, 2019

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