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How much is Ovulation Test Kit

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Ovulation Test Kits are tests that determine when you are ovulating. During ovulation, the ovulation test kits can help increase your chances for success when you are trying to conceive.

How much is Ovulation Test Kit

Price of Ovulation Test Kit varies based on factors like brand, the number of strips in the ovulation kit. Ovulation Kit price of basic test strips usually costs from Rs.450, depending on how many strips are in the box.

Model Name

Average Price

Offer Price

I know ovulation test kit - Pack of 5 test kits


Rs. 500

I Know Ovulation Test Kit pack of 3



I Know Ovulation Test Kit and I Can Pregnancy Test Kit Combo




Ovulation Test Kit Pack of 5 Ovulation Kit test Strips -Over 99% accuracy is detected in Ovulation test. Ovulation test kit can be quick and easy to predict the time of ovulation, to equip the best time to conceive and contraception.

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Modified on 10 Feb, 2021

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