Home sperm test kit - is it effective?

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Home sperm test kit - is it effective?

What is sperm test kit?

Sperm test Kit is specifically designed to determine the sperm count. Women had experienced difficulties in conceiving because of low sperm count as one of the major factors of reproductive problems. It is available at an affordable price, highly comfortable, quick process, easy to use and the results are very accurate as a lab test.

How to use it?

The test needs a man to ejaculate into a semen collection cup and then the semen should be shifted into a sperm check test kit solution bottle and mixed. Then six drops should be poured over the test kit device. Results are scanned after seven minutes. It detects the protein that is found in sperms. If your sperm count is above 20 million sperm per millilitre of semen that indicates the result is positive. If your Sperm count is less than 20 million sperm per millilitre, it indicates your test result is negative and you should consult your doctor about a fertility opinion.

Why use sperm test kit?

Low sperm count is one of the major reasons for male infertility. If a man produces less sperm in his semen, it decreases the probability of them too, fortunately, fertilize the egg. Taking Sperm Count boost pills is recommended by doctors to increase the sperm count. Proper treatment can be started if diagnosed earlier that if your sperm count is problem of your impotency. Due to advance technologies, numerous treatments are available today including over the counter fertility supplements such as clinically-tested FertilAid for men, prescription drugs and varicocele surgery.

 Benefits and Precautions:

 Results are 98% accurate and it is given in less than ten minutes. It provides you with the privacy of your own home and results are Equivalent to laboratory testing. It should be stored in a place at 36 to 86 degrees. Don’t use this test kit after the expiry date. It is used for vitro-diagnostic purpose only.

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Modified on 07 May, 2020

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