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Does your period change when you become sexually active?

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Engaging in sexual activities regularly would not affect your periods. The menstrual cycle usually gets altered due to several reasons including stress, weight fluctuations, sleep pattern and physical strain. These factors bring in a change in the hormonal levels of the body. The monthly cycle can thus tend to be irregular due to this change in the hormonal levels.

If you are sexually active, then that doesn’t necessarily delay your periods given that you have a healthy lifestyle.

However, pregnancy and infections can be caused in the case of regular sexual activities. Having unprotected sex could lead to unwanted pregnancies and genital infections. Therefore, you must ensure that you use barrier methods such as buy condoms to enjoy safe and healthy sex life. You should know that a missed period is an indication that you might be pregnant. If this is the case, then it becomes necessary to get yourself tested for pregnancy if you are unsure about your means of contraception.

Urine Pregnancy test kits are the best way to test for pregnancy at home. They give quick and accurate results! You can avail them from a nearby drug store or buy them online to maintain privacy.  

Before engaging in sexual pleasures, ensure that you are well equipped with sexual wellness products such as condoms, personal lubricants and pregnancy test kits to have stress-free and enjoyable sensual encounters!

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Modified on 17 Sep, 2019

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