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Can I use expired pre-seed?

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Preseed does come with an expiry date. It is important to check the expiry date before buying the product. The expiration dates are provided to ensure the quality and safety of preseed lubricant. Clinical testing suggests that the product works effectively when used before the expiration date and so it is recommended to use the pre seed lubricant that meets the standard. 

How does lubricant affect sperm?

1. Vaginal lubricants that are solely developed for the purpose of intercourse are not fertility friendly and might be harmful to sperm.

2. Some vaginal lubricants can also affect sperm viability and their survival.

3. Some of the ingredients in the lubricants can affect sperm motility.

4. Laboratory studies have demonstrated that using commercially available lubricants has a negative effect and sometimes might be toxic to sperm. 

When trying to conceive, buy fertility friendly lubricant online on shycart and check for the expiry date, usage instructions and preseed customer reviews to know their personal experience.


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Modified on 07 Apr, 2021

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More information would be nice. Like what happens if it expired but still sealed and use it.
about 2 years ago
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