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I know ovulation test kit

549 430

I-can pregnancy test kit pack

55 50

I-can pregnancy test kit pack of 3

165 150

I Know Ovulation Test Kit pack of 3

1647 1290

I Know Ovulation Test Kit and I Can Pregnancy Test Kit Combo

599 480

Reviews (120)

Average Rating :
Great -
Read instruction manual before using. That helps.
On  10-Dec-2018
Good buy -
everyone planning baby can buy. good
On  10-Dec-2018
Happy -
4 more months to become a father. Superb product.
On  10-Dec-2018
Predict dates -
Use this kit by knowing your dates, at least approximately. That will help to save a few bucks.
On  10-Dec-2018
My wife is now pregnant -
Thanks shycart. This is real good product. Thanks for the good service.
On  10-Dec-2018
Average -
1 strip was defective. Rest, all worked. Not sure, if i tested wrong.
On  10-Dec-2018
Suggestion -
Consider selling 1 strip separete. Otherwise, correct result
On  10-Dec-2018
Good, but slightly costly -
Good product. But, I feel it is slightly costly though.
On  10-Dec-2018
Helps in planning pregnancy -
Very good product. Didn't knew such product existed.
On  10-Dec-2018
Perfect -
Good product. Great packing & delivery
On  10-Dec-2018

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