When can i start educating my child about sex education?

When can i start educating my child about sex education?

Child sex abuse

Child victims of sexual harassment are on the rise; there are many more cases of teenage pregnancy now, than ever before.What children need today is early sex-education that is age-appropriate.
All children undergo sexual development. While some have no trouble coping up, others find it tough and end-up fighting themselves and the society for the way their sexual changes are perceived.

Importance of Sex education

Usually, its unprepared children that have issues. An unprepared child grows up with less or no sex education. Sex education, imbibed from childhood and forth, is the weapon a child uses to save its mental and physical self when things turn awry.The success of sex education lies in the confidence that parents have in themselves and the confidence that they instill in their children. It being a time to open-out, while educating children about sex, parents need to be patient and knowledgeable -for children are known to be excessively curious. Also, its best not to force a child to listen, as this may do anything but good to the child’s ego.

Education about changes in body parts

Educating a child about sex ought to be started early. Primary school children should be taught about their bodies and most importantly taught about their private body parts. Knowledge about the good touch and the bad touch should be instilled into them, lest they fall prey to sexual harassment. As children grow up, parents and teachers may choose to talk about relationships and responsibilities. 

Talk to your child

All along, a child has to be positively encouraged to share his or her thoughts and experiences regarding the same. This lets them talk about ‘embarrassing’ situations to the elder comfortably. Also,this will ensure in them a healthy outlook towards sex and life. 

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