What should you do when the condom bursts when you are having fun?

What should you do when the condom bursts when you are having fun?

Condom and anxiety

What’s with condoms, anyway? 
Use them or not use them; both ways they end up giving the shivers. 
Just when you were sure about protection and went on to make some great love.. POP! Goes the condom; you meet with a condom burst or a condom leak. 
Condom break stir up fears of unwanted pregnancy. The thought of picking up a STD isn’t digestible either.

Condom Accidents

Condom accidents are common. It can happen to anyone and at any time. 
A condom that is worn incorrectly slips off during intercourse.  Passion only comes second to safety. So , programming the mind to be extra careful even when offered the most tantalizing moment would be useful.

Condoms that are past their date of expiry break easily. While buying them, checking for the date of manufacturing and date of expiry is a wise step.

Apart from these, men need to know some sizes well or, let’s say- 
their sizes well! A bad fit either makes a condom to slip or break. A man needs to study his man parts both when aroused and not, to have an idea of his sizes. This will help in choosing a condom of right fit. Condom size charts are very helpful for this.

Act Fast

In case of condom accidents, a couple is advised to check for STDs including HIV, immediately. The treatments turn out most effective when started early. Apart from this, the woman can take a high dose birth control pill to wave off fears of a pregnancy. This has to be done within 72 hours from the condom accident.

Condom- Savior or Traitor?

Well, sometime this and sometimes that. Watch out & Be safe!

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