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Top Selling Lubricants Online in India


Lubricants are proven highly effective to lessen the friction during intercourse and elevate the intensity of love-making. Choosing the right lubricant that best suits you is always challenging part because it comes with different brands, odour and colours. Water-based lubes are recommendable and widely used with or without condoms rather than Oil based lubes.

Durex Lubes:

Durex lube is one of the best water-based lube that starts with, which adds a spicy and brings new sensation during foreplay and love-making. Moreover, it has a delicate flavour, fragrance and some Durex Lubricants like Durex play 2 in 1 as the name suggests, can be used in massage also as well as the lubricant during intercourse. It is an extraordinary desire when these lubes touch on your genital areas.

 Moods lube

Moods Lubes is a water-soluble fluid that reduces friction and is more slippery during the sexual ride. It eases the penetration and easily washed after use and it comes with super-moisturized, odourless and hypo-allergenic one. It is also used while involved at masturbation and can be applied to moods condom.

KamaSutra Lubes

Kamasutra Lumakesmake lovemaking an experience of ultimate smoothness. It helps you out to penetrate with almost zero friction and it is perfect in combo with male toys since it has good gliding property. This lube makes a great way of degrading the friction and increasing penetration during sex. It provides highest quality health and body care. Some lube like cool lube and flavoured lubes are used for anal sex play to prevent pain and discomfort.

It affords a long-lasting effect and relieves from vaginal dryness. It keeps your membrane as moist and protects the intimate areas. It has natural strawberry flavoured lubes fragrance and can be applied to latex condoms. It helps out to heighten sexual pleasure and it is specifically designed to soothe skin and boost stamina. Plus it induces a tingle while love-making and foreplay.

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Durex play cheeky cherry intimate lubricant - 50ml Fruity flavoured pleasure gel


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Stimulating Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Arousing Guarana


Durex Play Massage 2in1 Sensual Intimate Lube - 200ml Massage Gel with Seductive Ylang Ylang


Kamasutra Longlast Spray Pack of 2 - 12g Each - Extended Pleasure for 10 minutes


Durex strawberry flavour lubes - 50ml


Durex play tingling flavoured lubes 50 ml


Kamasutra strawberry flavour lubes-100ml


Kamasutra aloe & vitamin e flavour lubes-100ml


K-y jelly personal lubricant (Reckitt Benckiser -Durex)


Manforce Staylong Gel Pack of 2 - 8g Each - 6 to 8 Minutes delay


Kamasutra 50ml Strawberry Lubes


Skore Strawberry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant


Skore Cherry Flavoured Lubes - 50ml - Skin Friendly Water Based Lubricant


Invigra Delay Spray - 12g - Long lasting - 5 to 10 minutes prolonged pleasure

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