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Planning pregnancy for healthy child – part 2

Right age for Pregnancy:

Most of the women thinks about their career and starts to postpone their pregnancy by using birth control devices and tablets. 

Normally, a woman’s birth generating organs matures along with her age when compared to her other organs. Her eggs too get matured cause of this reason. Therefore, during the age of 30 normally the chance to get pregnant becomes lesser, and in between 30 – 35 it becomes double times lesser and during her 40’s it becomes nil. In late 30’s, if a woman tries to get pregnant using test tube method then she might have to undergo many difficulties to have a successful pregnancy. Therefore, more chances lies for a girl to get pregnant lies between the ages 19 to 25.

For men, if he has any medical problems or bad habits the chances of sperm productivity decreases tremendously cause of which fertilizing the egg of a woman is unsuccessful.

Pox Vaccination:

In the first 3 months of pregnancy, if a woman is getting affected by any disease there are chances for the child to get diseased. Ex: German measles.

It’s vital to check whether a woman got pox vaccinated in her childhood itself else, she is advised to get vaccinated before her pregnancy with proper guidance from the doctor. It’s also important to note that the women must not get pregnant for three months after pox vaccination. If accidentally she gets pregnant in this mean duration, then she has to take regular check up with doctor. She has to take blood check up in every 14 days interval. If some disease has affected or medical complications are apparently known then, it’s better to abort.

Watch out for more space on how to stop birth control devices!!!

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