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Planning pregnancy for healthy child – part 1

How can we define a family?


An organized structure consisting of parents and their children. Is that all?


No. Family doesn’t mean just by having members within it. It is also made up of feelings, responsibilities, social status etc. This can be digged deeper and deeper. But, the matter we need is entirely different. The root of a family is children. Children are our future, our hope and society. They are the pillars to carry ancestral pride for generations. If that’s all we want, how should they be nurtured?


Don’t we want them to be healthy?


Pregnancy isn’t so easy. A woman must be ready physically and mentally. Why is it so?


We see many children born with heart diseases, physically challenged or mentally disturbed. If they are born like that, we parents are guilty. It’s in our hands to avoid such painful and pathetic life for our children.


Planned Pregnancy:


A planned-sex guarantees pregnancy and a planned pregnancy guarantees a healthy child.


An intercourse between a male and a female will lead to pregnancy. This is a well-known fact. Yet, we see so many couples queuing up in hospitals, in front of gynaecologists to have successful pregnancy.


People give a lot of importance in postponing their pregnancy. The same importance must be given for a planned pregnancy and on the activities during the pregnancy period. Also, we must be cautious on the steps to be followed during the pregnancy period.


Many parents are unaware that their habits, health and work environment play a key role in the development of the foetus.


Early Stage of Pregnancy:


The early stage of pregnancy is the most typical and important phase.


Within 12 weeks of pregnancy, a child’s organs like heart, brain and also nervous system start to develop. The most pathetic thing is many women are unaware that they are pregnant during this period. The root cause is their ignorance about pregnancy. As discussed earlier, if any physical or mental challenges and diseases have been faced by the foetus at this point, problem might arise for its development.


Therefore, it becomes necessary to plan to have a healthy child.


If a woman is unaware of her pregnancy right from the initial stage, she will be very cautious in taking care of her foetus health right from the beginning rather than over stressing themselves at the eleventh hours.


Couples who wish to get transformed into parents must read to take note of the following:


         *     Do they have the right age to get pregnant or over-aged?

         *     Whether the mother has received the pox vaccinations?

         *     Compatibility of blood of the couple must be checked.

         *     Removal of contraceptives to have pregnancy.

         *     Smoking and drinking habits affects pregnancy.

         *     Usage of tablets and capsules affects pregnancy.

         *     What are the problems that can arise to a foetus for a working mother?

         *     What are the heredity diseases that may affect the future generation?

         *     The perfect timing to become pregnant.

         *     How to know the start of pregnancy?

         *     How long will it take to get pregnant?

         *     Is it good to know whether a child is a male or female?


Here we go on from the basics of pregnancy. Planned steps will lead for a successful pregnancy. The part-2 will be delivered in detail showing light on every nook and cranny of the above points. Therefore, our next blog will create more space to clear your doubts on pregnancy.


It is not so difficult to get pregnant. By knowing the basic steps it becomes much easier. However knowing the duration to get pregnant, on which period the possibilities are high and on the time frame of the menstrual cycle to get pregnant will add more knowledge to be pregnant.


Do you know women above 30 years have chances lesser to get pregnant???


Watch out for more space….


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