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Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - part 6

Identifying a developed egg:

If a woman menstrual cycle (28 days once) is normal, then she can identify her next menstrual period. Likewise, the release of an egg also can be identified. If a woman gets menses every month on the correct date as per her menstrual cycle then it’s been noted as normal. If there is any discrepancy in this, chances are there for problems to arise.

Normally 14 days from the date of menses, women egg is released where the body heat varies from low to high. Therefore, we can determine the egg release by measuring the body heat with the help of a thermometer.

From uterus, a semi-solid white fluid will be released before the egg release. Some people assume that as leucorrhoea (White fluid discharge) which isn’t true. The actual reason is the mouth of the uterus gets flexible for the entry of a sperm cause of which we can determine the time to get pregnant.

Duration to become pregnant:

Naturally a woman can wait upto one year for getting pregnant. If it’s delayed more than a year there might be some medical problems for a male or female. For women, there might be blockage in fallopian tube, unreleased mature egg whereas for men, low sperm count, Ductus sperm blockage or nil productivity of cells in the male organ due to which getting pregnant or fertilizing an egg goes unsuccessful. Psychological problems are also a reason for unsuccessful pregnancy. For any medical issues, it’s better to get consulted with a doctor and get treated at the earliest.

A major question arises for everyone is that whether there is possibility to know an embryo is male or a female? Let us see in the next series a detail analysis on this topic.

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