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Planning pregnancy for a healthy child - part 3

Blood compatibility of couples:

It’s better to have same RH for a couple. If the RH is positive for the husband and negative for wife else vice versa, then there might be a problem for the child. Though it hadn’t affected the first child, chances are high in number for the next children. On knowing it earlier necessary medical measurements can be taken, to avoid complications.

Birth Control Devices:

If a woman likes to get pregnant and if she is a user of pregnancy avoiding tablets then it’s better to get pregnant after 3 months from the date of stopping the tablets. She can also use birth control devices or jellies until that to avoid pregnancy. In these three months her health too will be back to normal with the help of your hormone.

To become a successful parent a woman can remove copper-T, and her husband can remove Niroth, if they used to avoid pregnancy.

NO to Smoking and Drinking:

If a man is a smoker, through his blood the nicotine content will enter into his blood and gets transmitted to the woman during the intercourse. If she becomes pregnant out of such an intercourse then the child will not get proper oxygen and chances are more for the child to be born as physically challenged. It has been noted that a smoker’s child is 200 gm lesser in weight when compared to that of a healthy person’s child. The same scenario applies for drinks too. A woman who smokes or drinks must avoid during the pregnancy period to have a healthy child.

Throwing some light on deeper niche of pregnancy will be very useful for having a planned healthy child.

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