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Normal condoms Vs Extra time condoms

Done are the days when condoms were only used as a protection to safeguard against pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's). In the modern world with amplifying technology, condoms are fabricated delicately to afford an unprecedented pleasure amidst your mundane sexual intercourse. Many of you may not be familiar with the types of condoms that are available in today's market. And now one can pick condoms among the different types of condoms such as ribbed, dotted, pre-lubricated, etc. based on what you and your partner's predilection during sex. These provide wild and titillating stimulation during sex, with which you can have much better sexual experience.

Sex is not a sprint rather it is a marathon. Besides the normal condoms, there are condoms that can make you run longer in the sex marathon. And these are condoms that contain a specially concocted lubricant that they provide the unimaginable physical intimacy during long-lasting sexual intercourse – these are ideal for couples who are fed up with the normal condoms and find it boring because they feel that they reduce the pleasurable stimulation of sex. Never be lackadaisical to wear a condom every time you have sex - it’s the responsible thing to do!

A condom that guarantees extra time in bed? Sounds Interesting! Isn't it? So are the possibilities that you come up with more positions, more variations and of course, prolonged and enhanced pleasure for you and your partner. Any condom that is labelled as "Extra time" or "Long Lasting" it definitely is going to help you experience a long-lasting sexual encounter in bed with your doe. Extra time condoms are either thick or contain a small amount of numbing gel at the tip (Benzocaine), to defer your climax as much as possible. That must be something you been dreaming about the whole life.

A revolutionary condom that comes with a special time-delay lubricant that'll help men last longer and extend that special moment. So if you want to go on and on and on, just choose extra Time Condoms. It works in extra time so this is making more fun for your partner, and also use for first-time condoms user. There are many brands of condoms are available for delaying the ejaculation, for example, Durex feel thin and Kohinoor extra time condoms, are these condoms safe for use or do they have any side effects.

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