Different types of lubricants available in india

Different types of lubricants available in india

Natural vaginal lubrication

A female's genital responds to sexual arousal by increase in flow of blood, which in turn stimulates the secrection of a fluid. A degree of moistness is always there inside the female genitalia. But, the moistness surges high upon sexual arousal. Only with the help of natural lubrication, the copulation process happens so smooth without causing any irritation.

Why are they necessary? 

There are many cases when the lubrication becomes insufficient. Such state is known as vaginal dryness. Without sufficient lubrication, sexual intercourse can be painful to the woman. This vaginal dryness may cause vaginal tearing, irritation to the genitals and quite a few consequences. Artificial Sex lubricants are used as substituite for natural secretions.

Water based

Water is a major constituent of natural vaginal lubricant. The best part about this type is that they can be very easily cleaned up. The constituents are made in such a way that they are non-irritating. The down side of them is that it dries up quickly. More lube needs to be added again when the added lube dries up. The residues are sometimes left out. But, it can be cleaned out very easily.

Silicone based

Silicones are super slippery. That is the super advantage of using them. The down side it being it is water resistant. Silicone lubes are used for having sex for fairly long amount of time. They provide additional glide. The biggest downside of it being hard to wash, either be it on the bed or the body. A survey states 0.01% of the women are silicone allergic. So, just use a little amount initially and check if your partner is fine with it before you get started with full throttle.

Delay (Ejaculation) lotions

These lotions are meant for men who feel they ejaculate faster. Delay lotions/ creams/ sprays generally delay the ejaculation of the sperms. Majority of the lotions numb the male genital and hence the ejaculation gets delayed significantly. Ejaculation time varies from person to person. Doctors advocate 2-7 mins of intra-vaginal ejaculation to be completely normal. One thing to keep note of delay lotions / sprays is that they need to be sprayed/applied only when the penis is erect.


Flavoured lubes are generally used for bringing in a nice aroma to your sexual life. There is a population which hates the raw rubber smell of condoms. They do mix and match with the condoms. Its major use is putting it oral sex.

Anal sprays

Anal sex is the most painful and at the same time more pleasurable one. But, ensure your partner is comfortable with having intercourse in the rear end before getting started with it. Anal lubes are formulated to be made of water or silicone. Water based types help to create water like small bubbles inside the anus and hence the movement becomes cushy. On the other hand, silicone made create a gliding experience for the smooth by making the skin super soft and smooth. Get your female partner in the right position since there have been cases of torn rectums with improper pushes.

Sperm friendly

These lubricants are ,for sure to be used with condoms. The main reason being they are used for conception. It mimics the vaginal mucus and helps the sperm cells to navigate to the ovum easily. They are super smooth and completely non-spermicidal.

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