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Different skore condoms reviews

Skore Strawberry

Superb way to reach height with your partner and juice up your life having Skore Strawberry flavoured which has 1500+ raised dots.

Review about Skore Straw-berry

  1. -- Outstanding.
  2. - Excellent flavoured product
  3. - Good flavour to use
  4. -Me & my partner enjoyed the fragrence

Skore Orange

Skore high with Juicy skore orange condoms with its Orange flavour and colour adds lasting touch to your fun and the pleasure reaches new level with dotted texture.

Review on Skore Oran-ge condom

  1. Scoring high is easy with Skore_orange
  2. Wonderful dotted texture and flavour


Skore Cherry

Your and your partner will surrender to the choosy cherry flavour induces with cherry flavour and dots texture make the fund even more exciting

Review about Skore Cher-ry

  1. Excellent choice of flavour
  2. Myself enjoyed thoroughly with charismatic cherry. 

Skore Cool

The icy cool minty Skore cool condoms has special lubricant for cooling effect & for tingling sensation with your loved ones to Scoring high and get more pleasure with the dotted texture.

Review Cool minty skore

  1. Feel good pleasure
  2. Cooling sensation with loved ones

Skore Pinacolada

Get into exotic mode with Skore pinacolada which is a mix of  Pineapple & Coconut flavour which has raised dots for more delightfulness with your beloved one

Review for Skore Pincolada

  1. Different flavour taste
  2. New to try out and very different one from regular flavours

Skore Choco


Engaeg your closed one with Score chocolate and seduce them to more pleasure along the dotted ribs

Review for Skore choco

  1. Wonderful choice on having chocolate flavour as wife likes it most.
  2. Enjoyed the night with my partner with choco flavour which she like the most.

Skore Banana

If your like banana flavour, its time to get ouched with your loved partner to enjoy the Skore banana flavoured condoms which as raised dotted for increasing pleasure.

Review for Skore Banana

  1. My partner loves to eat banana & we both had tremendous night with Sko-re Bana-na flavoured condom.
  2. Super fun with the Banana tasty flavour.


Skore Shades

Choose the variery of codoms from the 10 different shades avavialble in it and enjoy the fun making with differed colours with your loved partner.

Review on Skore_shades:

  1. Good experience with varied colours in the fun making
  2. Nice product serving its variety feature

Skore Notout

This is climax delay condom with special lubrication for longlast purpose and increasing the pleasure with  1500+ raised dotted structure.

Review for Skore_not_out

  1. Really wonderful condom for long lasting purpose
  2. Worth for money to prolong the enjoyment
  3. Excellent condom to enjoy the night fully    

Skore Easy

Now its easy to fit the condoms on the any person with its anatomical shape that gives agreeable fit. Also the disposable covers in every pack is helpful to dispose of the utilized condom.

Review for Skore Eas-y

  1. Had a doubt of fitting, but its of great fit to me and had awesome night with spouse.
  2. Was thinking of fit due to the nature of my private part, but it had a perfect match to me due to the anatomical shape and thoroughly sharing the enjoyment with my partner the whole night. 

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Comments (2)

I have ordered first-time "Skore Not out" and second-time "Skore coloured condom" both are super. Good experience. I planning to order again.
about 10 months ago
I have ordered first-time "Skore Not out" and second-time "Skore coloured condom" both are super. Good experience. I planning to order again.
about 10 months ago

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