Cyst formation in ovaries

Cyst formation in ovaries

Is this a girl thing to know only by girls? Even men can know to protect their women from these kind of health issues and making them realise how important their health is for you. Whoa! Yeah kind of sharing your love. Ahem, let’s be into the topic just like FAQ’s.

What is a cyst?


Cyst will be in the form of a bubble that contains only fluid with a very thin wall. The cyst is formed in ovaries. Normally, the cyst can occur at any age. Most of them are non-cancerous and at times they form and will disappear on its own. While few tends to be cancerous and may require surgical treatment and it has also been estimated as very rare case to cause ovarian cancer due to cyst.


What are the causes for the ovarian cyst formation?


There are several types of cysts. However, the knowledge of outlook about the causes will do for an preventive measure against cyst formation or for curing. Cyst might form due to the genetic conditions, irregular periods, Puberty at the young stage, genetical and inflammatory conditions can cause cyst formation.


What are the symptoms of Cyst in ovaries?


Since, the cysts are mostly benign they end up with no signs or symptoms. But, there are certain observations to determine the chance of having cyst in the ovary. They are like irregular periods, Pelvic pain during or after the menstrual cycle or during the sexual intercourse, breast tenderness, Bloating, swelling of abdomen. Above all these, there are complicated cyst which might include severe pain in the lower abdomen and bleeding also can be seen. The symptoms can vary from person to person.


What are the treatments for Cyst in ovaries?


The treatments include laproscopy, ultrasound, blood test, pregnancy testing. The treatment method differs based on the analysis of the doctor against the cyst in ovary.


What are the preventive measure for cyst?


There is no clear picture about the preventive measures for cyst. However, as said in the symptoms if there is any complication sensed by the individual then they have to go for a health check up with the doctor.


Self prediction on health issues is one of the major mistake that shouldn’t be done.  Moreover, the periodical health check up for women, will keep them away from such kind of issues.

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