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She cup is a one of the number 1 menstrual cup in worldwide. This is the best menstrual cups for heavy flow and beginners. The She cup, Provides 10-12 hour leak-free protection and no odours. Easy to use for all the females. The World wide famous reusable menstrual cup with comfort and convenience.The SheCup empowers women to connect with their bodies and menstrual cycles like never before. Perfect for all activities (air, land or sea), its easy care and use make it a boon for a better period experience. Available in standard model - Pre-birth menstrual cup and post-birth menstrual cup. Buy menstrual Cup at low cost in online India only She Cup is one of the best menstrual cup in India. A menstrual cup is shaped like as a bell type. Which is A menstrual cup is usually made of medical grade non-allergic silicone, non-toxic. This is a type of feminine hygiene products. It is flexible and used to collect the menstrual blood from the vagina. Once full, it can be emptied into the toilet or sink, washed and re-inserted. SheCup is the best menstrual cup for heavy flow. Buy menstrual cup online in India from Shycart, very useful to all the women.

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Totally awesome!!! -
Super product...No stress, less mess, less hassle. This works perfectly for my lifestyle!
On  07-Feb-2018
Life changing cup :) -
This is my first experience using a menstrual cup...Unbelievable experience... Amazing product!..Super quality....!
On  04-Jan-2018
No stress & No risk! Amazing product -
Very good product & comfortable to use. I wish I had known about it earlier! I took away cramps and it is Eco friendly. Every women should use it. It stops sanitary pollution. No need of carrying extra pads & tampons and headache. Menstrual Cup is an zero leakage, Excellent product, amazing freedom during periods!!!. I wonder why these people do not advertise better.
On  19-Dec-2017
Good -
On  05-Dec-2017
Excellent quality -
Good quality and very comfortable, eco-friendly. I have been using a menstrual cup for last eight month. I like soo much. I will never go back. It has taken a whole lot of stress out of my life. Thanks to Shycart.
On  03-Nov-2017
Truly Liberating -
One of the best products I've used till date. I never knew about the cup until I saw a video explaining different alternatives to sanitary pads. I had used tampons before, but never was comfortable and switched back to pads. It was with some apprehension I ordered the shecup. Within a day I got to know the feeling of being free. Dealing with PCOS, I have erratic periods which stretch to 15-20 days at a time and using pads such long is literally hell down there. Shecup is a blessing to me. Ordering one from shycart was very hassle free and delivery was very fast. Thank you very much.
On  08-Oct-2017
Eco-friendly -
Excellent product...very convenient ... No pain while inserting or removing. 100% worth to buy it for ladies. It's eco-friendly. Just think that it's your own body and you have to take care it properly. Best thing ever happened to me. It has made everything so easy. I am sure that i won't go back to sanitary pads. Feeling happy :-)
On  06-Oct-2017
Superb -
It's totally a life-changing product...Understood the meaning of freedom...
On  06-Oct-2017
freedom -
I'm surprised this product and this method of hygiene are n't being popularised in India. I also don't know about this product two years ago. My friend told me about this. After I read about Shecup. Then I was able to understand the value of this product. Then I found Google and bought from Shycart. I'm using the Shecup for 2 years now. It won't be exaggerating if I say I have found freedom in the real sense. In the last two years, I've been able to do everything like swimming, jogging and yoga, bike riding during my periods. Freedom from expensive pads, sleepless nights, constant changing, discomfort and spotting! I have never been able to do this before becoz of my problem is heavy periods of first five days. I'm glad and contributing to the environment because of sanitary pads are n't properly disposed of in the garbage even if we segregate the garbage at our end. There is a learning curve involved and it would be best if first-time users use a SheCup or Divacup. It is softer. However, the Shecup is better suited for those with an active lifestyle. Watch lots of videos to know how to use it. Make sure you buy the suitable size and most important stay relaxed when you insert it. Please spread the word about menstrual cups, not just this brand but other good brands too because it will really help all women, this is especially for young mothers.
On  28-Sep-2017
fast delivery -
Good quality. fast delivery time.
On  21-Sep-2017