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Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

4000 3600

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant- pack of 2

8000 7100

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant + i-know ovulation test kit

4549 4099

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant + i-can + i-know

4599 4149

Pre-seed fertility friendly lubricant

4000 3600

Reviews (23)

Average Rating :
Super product -
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over 3 years and I conceived the 2nd month of using this product! now I'm 10 weeks along and doing great.
On  02-Feb-2018
Super... -
Good product. :)
On  04-Jan-2018
nice product but costly -
On  01-Nov-2017
good -
Value for money and its effectiveness.
On  01-Nov-2017
good -
Very effective product.
On  09-Oct-2017
Good product -
Well, this lubricant is a pretty good buy. It's comfortable, non-irritating and about as close as possible to your own natural secretions as you're going to get. On my third cycle trying to conceive my first child I tried Pre-Seed for the first time and became pregnant that cycle. It worked for me! I hope for similar success again this time.
On  09-Sep-2017
Useful -
Very useful & effective
On  30-Aug-2017
Excellent -
On  02-Aug-2017
Great! -
Works very well....
On  24-Jun-2017
Amazing product! It's work very well... -
My husband and I have always had a difficult time getting pregnant since I purchased this product. Used it one month and we were pregnant!! I'm so happy. This product is amazing. It is the only product that can help you get pregnant, all other lubricants can hinder your TTC journey. worth the money!
On  22-Jun-2017